Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone Camping

Well, actually I'm not Gone Camping or Gone Fishin'. We are however anticipating around 10 teenage boys, 4 seminarians and 1 priest to be going camping. We'll stay in our nice house with the A/C on and they can camp.

Starting tomorrow afternoon, we'll become cooks for this little camping trip just down the road from us until Thursday afternoon. It's time for Vocations Camp! Keep the campers in your prayers so they will all have a good time, be safe and be open to what Christ wants to speak to them during their time of camping/retreat.

I'll probably be back later this week, unless of course all of this cooking wipes me out. That's a lot of males to feed, but I've got plenty of help too!


  1. You're all in my prayers.

  2. What a great way to promote vocations! So nice of you to get involved like that :)

  3. Oh, and what are you making???

  4. Yup, it is pretty fun, even if it is a little stressful keeping the meals going. Seems like we get finished with one and it's time to prep another!
    On the menu: subs for lunch today; spaghetti/meatballs tonight; pancakes tomorrow AM; tacos in a bag for lunch; KC's are grilling for supper; apple stuffed french toast for Thurs. AM; leftover tacos and subs for the last lunch.

    Not to bad, huh???

  5. Wow, you are amazing! What a wonderful testament to your hospitality and generosity! I'll keep you in my prayers these last couple of days.


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