Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunny Summer Days

We're doing our best to enjoy our summer days here in MN. The weather has had its ups and downs, but we're kind of used to it. So we enjoy the days we can be outside and try to pack in as much fun in several months as possible.

When you live in MN, you just never know how long you have until the dreaded cold returns. We frolic, we grill supper out on the porch, we swim, we drive here and there, gather with friends, picnic and enjoy every playground possible in the 50 mile radius of our home. Ahhh, Summertime.

There's the local Band Festival that we've never attended and just enjoyed on Sunday. They look so darn professional in their uniforms and we all appreciate their efforts of playing and walking in the heat!

You've gotta appreciate that percussion section of any band, they help keep it all together.

The Zoomobile from the Minnesota Zoo has been visiting local libraries and we just enjoyed the presentation yesterday with some friends.

Who doesn't love a rabbit?

And what mom doesn't like a FREE Zoomobile event? None, of course. So there we were all packed together in a nice cozy room.

Perfect weather = perfect opportunity for time at the playground

Nothing like sitting at the edge of the lake with a friend

Even the ducks come out to play

Plenty of time to splash in the fountain too

Don't forget the ice cream!

Summertime...something to really toot your horn about!


  1. You guys are having so much fun!! Lily is a girl after my own heart with that vanilla soft serve and caramel topping...mmmmmm!

  2. How fun! Love all the pictures!~

  3. Amen, Sister! I can SO relate to three of the five labels on this post.

    Now if only I had a Jonah or a Lily...


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