Sunday, July 26, 2009


I am officially addicted. I know, I shouldn't have let it happen to me. How could I let myself get so entranced by something as simple as Tacos In A Bag??!!

Who knew how good these were?? Not me! I've heard about them for the last few years, but didn't get what all the hub-bub was about. Until last week when I served them at Vocations Camp! I had no idea how much I was missing out. I have been eating at least one (some days TWO) bags of these each day at lunch. It probably helps that I have leftover taco meat from camp that is straight-from-the-farm that a family donated. (Trust me, there again, unless you've had the chance to experience that kind of home grown meat you do not know what you are missing!)

So, what is the attraction to this bag full of crushed Doritos and taco fixings? I'm still trying to figure that out. Is it the bag? the carefree spirit in which I can eat out of the little bag? the easy preparation? the fact that it's summertime and I'm looking for easy & light meals to feast on?

Honestly, I have no idea. But if I don't watch out I'm gonna have a few extra pounds showing up somewhere on my person.

And yes, I need to get out more if I've just caught on to the craze that hit the nation several years ago.


  1. Just had a quick chance to see your blog. I went to school with the priest that is pictured in your blog. What vocations trip was this? I enjoy a Dorito now and then, but not too addicted to them. Now, ice cream--there's a thing I can't pass up. Please write a comment about the above question. I will check back again at the coment section. Thanks for all the info on the shrine, we are planning on going down there sometime soon--taking the same scenic route too. Cheri

  2. Cheri,
    Glad you had the chance to stop on by...please visit again! :)

    Fr. G is a good friend of my husband and mine and is the Vocations Director for our diocese. The Vocations Camp was just down the road from us at a resort. Fr. G does several throughout the summer in the diocese for boys grades 7-12 and we convinced him to try one in our area. We ended up being the 'cooks' for the camp. It's only a two day camp, but Fr. G does an excellent job at mingling prayer and fun into these camps.

    Enjoy your trip to the Shrine!!

  3. Don't feel bad, i've never heard of this before!! But it sounds YUMMY :)

  4. Oops...just realized that when I mentioned the bag of Doritos I never mentioned that we're talking a small/snack size bag, not large one! I haven't been eating TWO LARGE bags of Doritos each day..LOL!!


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