Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pilgrimage: Part I

I'm finally getting around to posting about our pilgrimage trip last week. Most of the post will be in the form of photos, because some of the beauty can only be described by them. And yet, it cannot be completely expressed in the photos since you'd just have to see it in person to marvel at its grandeur!

We headed toward La Crosse, WI via Highway 61 along the eastern edge of Minnesota. It had been years since I had been down that way, but it was the route to go by, for sure. The scenery was exquisite and each town along the way was filled with plenty of interesting sights as we passed thru.

Picnic lunch was at a rest area along the banks of Lake Pepin near Lake City. The windy day kept the usual sailboats docked, but the landscape with the bluffs all the way along the horizon made up for it. As we travelled along, I couldn't help but be in awe as I surveyed the beauty of those bluffs. I also couldn't believe that we still hadn't crossed state-lines and we were still travelling my home state. The difference a couple hundred miles makes is mind-boggling. Where we live it is relatively flat land, with various hills and a fair amount is small lakes and vast farmland. What a wonderful opportunity to see the richness and beauty of our fair state.

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  1. WOW.... I'd love to visit that gorgeous spot!

    And to answer your comment...

    Dave Ramsey has a radio show, and my husband is a big fan. He has a book 'Total Money Makeover" that I finished reading and loved... he also does Financial Peace University, if you've ever heard of that.

    And I have no idea how many entries there are... but if I don't win even with my story about baby C... I would love to take your pump off your hands! It wouldn't gross me out. ;)

    I miss you too!!! Loved hearing about your experience with St Gianna. She has such a beautiful story. And a great name too... hint, hint.


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