Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Candy Bliss

2 parades in 2 weekends + 2 children = over 6 lbs. of candy (and A LOT of fun!)

These are the lazy days of summer and that means parades in every little town that you can imagine. I'm serious, EVERY little town! Our town of 200 and my hometown of 700 put together some pretty good size parades the last two weekends. And if there's a small town parade, you better bet there's gonna be a lot of candy and kids everywhere!

There's nothing quite like watching local businesses put together their unique floats and to see what some people consider a 'float'. You see it all in the local parades: tractors, semi's, horses, lawn mowers, boats, classic cars, bands and MORE tractors. Can you tell I'm from rural Minnesota?

The adults sit in their chairs and watch it all go by and the kids spend their time filling their bags full of candy. And the mama's? Well, we keep one eye on the floats going by and the other on our kids, while warning them continuously not to go too far into the street in front of parade 'traffic'. But we all still have a good time. These are the days of summer, that's for sure.

I do think I could do without any more Tootsie Rolls flying toward my head any more this summer.

By the way, no one speak a word of this to our family Dentist, okay?

Patiently waiting for the parade to start:

(Don't even ask why Jonah is wearing his sister's PINK sunglasses!)


  1. They look more red to me...even if they are pink, I guess he's secure in his boyhood. So cute!

  2. Oh how cute! Hooray for parades!!

  3. Adorable picture of them. My husband introduced us to his hometown's small-town parade this year and I was quite impressed. Those candy throwers mean serious business!


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