Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cool Groovin'

While dancing in the living room:

Jonah: Lily you can't dance cool like me. Only I can dance cool.

Mommy: I think Lily can dance cool like a girl and you can dance cool like a boy.

Jonah: Okay. Lily you dance cool, I dance cool, Daddy dances cool and Mommy dances cool. Mommy, you dance pretty cool sometimes in the kitchen. You know, when we have the music on in the CD player. You have some good moves, sometimes.

Mommy: Oh really? I'm glad you think so.

Jonah: Only kids can have cool moves and mommies and daddies. Old people can't have cool moves because they are just old.

So, I'm wondering when we reverted back to the 80's in our house and dancing was rated as 'cool'?

And perhaps I better do a little teaching on the value of ALL human life and that even (excuse me) 'old' people can in fact dance 'cool' if they want to!

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