Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi Lo: July 31st

Inspired by Colleen who shares her Highs and Lows every week too!


1) After neglecting my home for the last two weeks due to our trip and camp, I got back into the swing of things and have a cleaner home. My kitchen floor is thanking me.

2) A niece of ours turned 21 this week and we celebrated at a restaurant. I enjoyed a frozen drink called Banana Cream Pie. Yummy. (And yes, how pathetic am I that a frozen alcoholic drink gets me so enthused that it makes my 'highs' for the week? Ha.)

3) The kids and I enjoyed Story Hour at the library and a picnic with friends at the park/playground. How we love summer!

4) We celebrated Jonah's name day on Saturday. We celebrate his Patron Saint, St. James, because that is his middle name. He was so excited to celebrate his name day with Papa Jim (James) too! We went to Mass with Papa and Grams and enjoyed pizza at the park afterward. Of course, treats were necessary, so we hit the DQ before heading home. I realized the other day that I forgot to post about Lily's name day in July (oops), so I'll mention it here. We spent the afternoon with friends and daddy surprised Lily by bringing a cake home! We celebrate Lily's name day on the feast of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (Lily of the Mohawks). Although other obligations kept us from a full day of celebrating, both Lily & Jonah were thrilled with their name day! We try and make mention of it as many times as possible throughout the day and also tell them their Patron Saint's story. This year we even had the Glory Stories CD to listen to for Lily!


1) Lily's been in a pattern of night-owl behavior that I'm hoping doesn't persist. She's been having a hard time falling asleep, so she stays in her bed and reads..and reads. Which isn't a problem, except that she stays up until at least 10:00pm and then either insists on coming into our room to sleep or makes it near impossible for us to go to sleep because she is asking us to come into her room because she can't sleep! She claims that she isn't tired at bedtime, but I also can't believe that a 6 year old shouldn't go to bed until 10:00! Heck, that's when I go to bed! And I'm exhausted by then most nights!

Veteran moms, any ideas??

2) After a couple of weeks of being 'too busy', I still haven't gotten back into my exercising routine. I've been active enough, but thankfully I'm at a point of 'maintenance' and I've been doing okay. Hope next week is better.

What were your Highs and Lows this week? Hope you had a wonderful week.

1 comment:

  1. What great lists!

    i didn't even do mine this week - shame on me :(

    As for your 6 year old insomniac - hmmmmmm, maybe give her a bottle of benedryl? Just kidding!!

    I actually don't know what to tell you, because our 6 year old is exhausted at 7pm from a hard day's play.

    We let him have books by his bed, but we don't let him turn on any lights, so he can only read until the room gets too dark.

    We also have room darkening shades, so it's already pretty dark even when the sun is still up.

    Good luck!


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