Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As a mom of young ones, I am always on the look-out for educational and fun websites that I can trust for my kids to use. Lily helped me recently find one.

We've used the PBS KIDS website for some time now and my children enjoy playing the games with their favorite PBS characters. The games aren't only fun and FREE, but also educational as well. However, our new discovery of PBS KIDS Island has me even more excited about the educational value of the site.

The Island has a number of games on it that focus on reading and phonics. It's useful for the preschool age child as well as the early reader and even those that are advancing quite well in reading. With each game that is played and mastered, the child has the opportunity to earn 'tickets' that let them earn 'prizes' within the Island and also unlock more games. It's a lot of fun and they are learning while they are at the Island!

Another added benefit is that there is a Progress Tracker for each child. The Parent can then monitor what they are mastering and what needs a little more help in areas of Letter Identification, Rhyming, Alliteration, Phonics and Reading/Vocabulary.

Did I mention this is all *FREE*? All it takes is a quick minute to set up your email, password and each child's name and they are off to the Island!

Of course, you'll probably want to save it for a rainy day when they can't be outdoors enjoying the summer weather!


  1. If you haven't heard of it already, you'd love Starfall!! It's free and all my kids have loved it. PBS kids seems to goof up our computer sometimes, Starfall doesn't.


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