Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go Green!

Look at what I found at TARGET this morning:

Reusable lunch bags.

It seems everyone is getting on the 'Go Green'/Reduce, Reuse, Recycle bandwagon and I do my best in whatever areas I can, although it be a rather small attempt in the grand scheme of things, I suppose.

Regardless, when I saw these cute bags I just couldn't pass them up! They will be perfect for snacks on-the-go and in our van.

Since I haven't been able to try and make Mommy Monkey's cute reusable bags just yet, I opted to give these a try for right now. They're reusable/recycled and I found them in all different sizes and for only $1.00 each. I'm not sure if TARGET's displays are all the same or run on the same schedule, but I found these right by the front door of the store in the 'Dollar Spot'.


  1. Those are just TOO DARN CUTE! Don't you love Target?!?

  2. Sarah, I tried teaching a fellow blogger friend how to make the bags and I think she was more frustrated that anything when she left. She sews by pattern and I am far from making them in an organized manner. I more or less hack & sew:) Therefore, I haven't done a "how-to" post yet on these yet.

    Will you send me your address in an email and I'll send you a few of my 'hack & sew' bags? I'd love to considering all the support you have given me through the past few months.

  3. Oh yes! I do love Target! It's the place to go!! hehe...

    Yes, Amy, I'd still love to see the how-to post on the bags! And remember that purse you did? Yup, still would love more on that one too....I mean, in your 'free time''ve got lots of that, right? LOL.

    Are you kidding!!?? How thoughtful! I'd LOVE some of your 'hack and sew' bags!! I'll email. I love that you call your method that...hehe...


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