Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi Lo: June 19th


1) I moved on to Workout 2 of The Shred, which is good for another exercise challenge. However, I'm still debating whether I was ready for the next step up.

2) This week seemed to go a bit more smoothly with my kids. After the last few weeks with lots of fighting, bickering, taunting...(well, you get the idea), this week seemed a lot better. Thank goodness for small successes!

3) I took Lily & Jonah and a friend of theirs to Story Hour at one of the local libraries.! They thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought it was excellent as well. Each week has a theme (this week was Butterflies & Gardens)and they have one hour of planned activities: crafts, snack, stories & songs. We're definitely going to be attending several of those during the course of our summer.

4) Did I mention that HI #3 was FREE!!!

5) Lots of hard labor and hours of it last Saturday left us with another completed project in our yard. All that you need to know is that several loads of large rocks were hauled and moved by husband and yours truly. Best part, completed project AND a great workout!


1) Due to HI #1, I think I pulled something in my abs/under my ribcage during my workout.(Pathetic, I know.) It's much better, but I was pretty sore for a day or so. Unfortunately, that left me without getting back to my workout for a couple of days. I'm determined though to conquer that Workout 2 and move on, so I'm gonna keep at it!

2) The weather was finally hot enough for our family to take a swim in the lake on Sunday. The unfortunate part is that we ALL acquired 'lake itch' (some people refer to it as 'chiggers' or 'jiggers' too) and it's left us itchy and with welts in spots on our arms and legs.

All in all, it wasn't a bad week. What were your HI's and LO's this week?


  1. Isn't storytime at the library amazing!! We used to LOVE to go, but sadly, our library hours have been cut...and our favorite Tuesday time is gone:( I may travel to another county to hit up some more great activites!!

    How you have the wonderful gift of living on a lake?! That would be soooooo GREAT!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. LOVE free storytimes at the library! I just don't make it anymore... too many kids of too many different ages. ;)

    AND I am going to start shredding tomorrow. I am very, very afraid!


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