Thursday, June 4, 2009

Children's Garden

A couple weeks ago I mentioned local gardens and one in particular that our family was hoping to go visit this summer. We were able to take the drive there with my parents on Memorial Weekend. Unfortunately, it was a bit early for the flowers and there weren't many in bloom and others that hadn't been planted yet. All of that overlooked, we still had a wonderful time since the weather was PERFECT that day! It was a gorgeous day to be outdoors enjoying family time and the gorgeous view.

This garden is located in rural, west-central Minnesota and is a part of the University of MN West Central Research and Outreach Center. They have quite the set-up there for the students at the University to do research in horticulture, livestock, soil science and renewable energy (hence the giant wind turbine in the picture).

Hopefully we can head back there later this summer and enjoy the beauty of their gardens in full bloom!

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  1. Pretty place! And is Lily a born model, or what?


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