Saturday, June 27, 2009

Choosing Beauty

Book Review:

Choosing Beauty: a 30-day Spiritual Makeover for Women

Are you ready for a makeover? One that doesn't include mascara and lipstick? Perhaps one that helps you re-focus your spiritual life? This book helps you revert to a life of virtue and grace as a Christ-centered woman. It breaks down the seven significant virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope & charity), while also pointing out their vices and what can lead us as women away from a virtue-filled life.

Each chapter gives witness as it shares a brief story of faithful female Saints who can be our models. It also provides thought-filled reflection questions which are perfect for individual, personal contemplation or would work easily in a group setting.

Easy reading that is ideal for every woman seeking a fuller life of virtue, as well as teens/young women or Ladies Book Club.

Give yourself 30 days and you won't be disappointed by this makeover!

To find more items to encourage you on your spiritual journey, click on over to Catholic Company!


  1. Thanks! I'm certainly going to have to check this one out!!

  2. You find great books!

    I think we are choosing that book your were writing about, The Domestic Church, Room by Room, for our book club. (I just ordered it)

    This one looks good too. How many chapters? We meet twice monthly during the school year.

  3. Yes, I've been so blessed to have stumbled upon these wonderful books for women lately!

    I just joined the Catholic Company's reviewer program and this was my first review for them. They're always looking for more if you want to join! (See button on sidebar)

    The book is 10 chapters and each one focuses on a different virtue for 3 days. The whole thing is written to fit in the 30 days and has the reflection questions at the end of each day. A good book to 'prayerfully' read.

    That's great that you are part of your book club. Hope you all enjoy the Domestic Church book!


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