Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes

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1. It's winter here, so that means cold and flu season. Thankfully, we've managed to steer clear of some really nasty stuff that floats around. Until this week. Lily ended up acquiring a cold early in the week and now Jonah's got it. Grateful for just a simple cold, but to the kids it's THE WORST THING EVER!! They are pretty much still quite active, despite the runny nose and small coughs. It was a tough night here last night, since Jonah's cold went into full-swing in the afternoon and he was doing his share of *sniffling* and *snorting* by evening. As I sat there in his bed before he fell asleep, I couldn't help but chuckle at how cute and vulnerable he was as a sick little man. I know, not funny, but still. The way he was trying to clear his little nose by sniffing and inhaling was a sight. Then he declared, "I don't like colds or headaches or tummy aches or my 2 canker sores!" But after a sneeze or two, "My cold is all better. I don't have yuckies in my nose any more. I don't have a tummy ache either. I just have 2 canker sores." Another chuckle by me. All was well again in his mind. He was cured!! Until the restless sleep began. All night.

2. Tomorrow is mommy's day. Woman's day. For me. It's the annual local women's conference all day. I have faithfully attended each year and look forward to it. It's a day that usually my mom and I share together, along with a number of friends of ours. We usually have our own table of our lady friends and I run into just about every other faithful, Catholic woman/mom from the area that I know. Great day for faith and fellowship, even though it does begin a bit early. I have to drive over an hour in the morning to get there and Mass begins at 8:00! This year will be a bit different since a number of our friends are not able to attend for one reason or another. I'm still looking forward to it though! Will let you know how it went.

3. This week, I got in touch with an old friend via someone else's blog! I was reading comments on a post and realized the one comment sounded very familiar. Did some linking and found a dear friend, Jamie, and her blog!! So exciting! I was also interested to read this post of hers about womb blessings. She was struggling with conceiving and had a local priest giver her the blessing and conceived soon after. After all that we've gone through in the last couple years, I've really got to get myself one of these! Thanks Jamie for sharing!

4. In an effort to possibly begin some form of scrapbooking with all of the wonderful pictures I have (especially of the children), last week I was on a quest to learn more on digital scrapbooking. THERE'S A LOT OUT THERE! After sorting through tons of websites, etc. and ruling out the ones that required extra software and extra expense, I found Smilebox and have been creating cute scrapbooks like this. I am so addicted!! It's so much fun and I think they are so cute! I am looking forward to doing a lot more.

5. Lily is lobbying for a pet. I'm hoping that we can stand our ground since I'd like to wait for a little while yet before ewe start that debate. She's been asking for a cat (which our neighbor's do have and we kind of 'share' it any way)or a dog or maybe even a rabbit (absolutely not!!). None of these are on our agenda to acquire in our household any time soon. She's also been asking what kind of animals are pets that require the least responsibility. I keep telling her that fish are the way to go. She doesn't believe me, let alone think that fish are good pets. We'll see where this leads. At least I may have bought some time by declaring that we WILL NOT be purchasing any type of pet in the winter!!

6. We've been working harder on hospitality in our house and I'm enjoying it! We've always tried to keep our home open to visitors (not that we get many) or always letting others know we'd love to have them stop by. The last two weekends we've had several guests. The other weekend it was a dear priest/friend who was filling in at our parish at the Masses. This priest also happened to be the parish priest in my hometown when I was in my late teen years and until Reed and I were married and I moved. This past Sunday we were going to celebrate my dad's birthday, so I decided to invite friends of my parents, a husband and wife, to lunch. It was wonderful to celebrate with them and also to open our house. I love to entertain, I just don't get to do it often. I hope to continue to open our home in hospitality and teach it to my children in the process, 'for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels'. (Hebrews 13:2)

7. Finally, a scripture thought I am pondering: But she will be saved through motherhood, provided women persevere in faith and love and holiness, in self-control. (1 Timothy 2:15)

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  1. Those are fun to read!

    I hope and pray your littles are feeling better and you get some needed rest tonight!!

    I am looking so forward to the conference too and am excited to have gotten in touch through our blogs, small world, huh? There's a lot of us MN Catholic Bloggers!! Must be the winter!

    I am even more glad that you happened to find my blog around the time of linking that old post of the womb blessing! I hope and pray it is an answered prayer for you!

    God Bless and see you tomorrow!!


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