Saturday, January 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes

A number of the blogging mom's I follow have started doing 7 Quick Takes on Fridays. I'd like to start it too, however, I missed out yesterday. So, here's mine..a day late.

1. Winter and it's wrath of snow and cold are overwhelming me. I guess this is perhaps what is referred to as a 'real' winter that we haven't seen in a number of years, but it's already getting the best of me. Not to mention that we are waiting on another snowstorm today that is suppose to bring 6-8 inches AGAIN!!

2. Because I am overwhelmed with winter, I have decided to take on a painting project this weekend. I think our bedroom could us a little warmth, so I picked up paint yesterday. I'm hoping to make it a peaceful, inviting haven for myself and my husband.

3. We decided to allow the kids to watch the movie in the Chronicles of Narnia the other week. Now Lily has become a bit obsessed. And she keeps mentioning that Peter is her favorite character 'because she's never seen a blonde boy before.' Hmm...or is it that she's never really noticed a blonde, TEENAGE boy before..Yikes.

4. I had acupuncture again yesterday to help with my infertility issues (hopefully). I am now only going every few weeks, which is much different from the twice a week schedule I was on 3 cycles ago and then the weekly appointments that followed. I think my body recognizes this and is a bit less willing to have needles stuck in it. When my visits were more frequent I found it less difficult to 'psych' myself out about the needles.

5. Another season of The Biggest Loser starts on Tuesday. Why I thrive on that show I'm not sure. I guess it just leaves me inspired and I love to watch the transformations that follow.

6. I'm hoping to get back to my workout regimen. I need to in order to stay healthy, especially since the winter leaves me a bit less active. And because I just need it for my overall health and wellness. I know I feel better when I do exercise...but why is it so hard to stay consistent?

7. I received a couple of good books that I had requested for Christmas. I am in the midst of two of them and eager to finish. When the Cradle is Empty, is a good book that helps deal with infertility and is Christian based as well. The other is Haystack Full of Needles, which is a wonderful book talking about homeschooling and socialization. I'm finding it enlightening even as it talks about the mom's socialization as well. Glad I got these as gifts!!

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