Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tote/Purse Talk

I was tagged by beautiful Jamie for this meme.

So, this is me with my Purse. Yesterday was a normal day around here, so you can see what my mommy style is...simple, but comfortable. Yesterday it was jeans and a sweatshirt. That was mostly because nothing was feeling 'right' when I got dressed. I literally had on 2 other shirts before sticking with the sweatshirt. I'd blame it on 'winter weight', but that hasn't changed lately. I guess it was just me and the mood I was in. Any way, this sweatshirt I bought when we were up visiting the North Shore/Duluth over a year ago. I found it on clearance for $10. Seriously, I'm wishing I had bought another one. Which is saying a lot for me since I'm not really a 'sweatshirt person'. This one, I do like. Otherwise, most days I am a plain, simple shirt type of gal. And yes, Jamie, I'm with you. If I find one I like, I buy a couple in different colors! Mostly, I gravitate toward the least expensive/generic t-shirts and spend $5-$8. My thought is then if I get tired of them or if they shrink (or if I should get bigger!), it isn't a major loss of money. I don't mind my Walmart/Target/Christopher & Banks style.

Ok, my purse. This is my newest/current purse for the winter. I just bought this one a couple weeks ago at Kohl's. I wanted something that could go with either my every day or my dress coat. The common black or brown didn't seem to work with either, so I opted for this one. I also thought the color and style was kind of fun and would liven up those winter blues! I bought it on clearance for around $16. Not bad. I mostly seek out a fun, yet practical purse. These days I don't need one that I can fit diapers into, but I think this one will work well when I should need to again.

Alright, I tag Lerin & Stacey! What do you have ladies??


  1. Sarah!! You look beautiful! You are so nice and thin! I love your casual style! I'm too heavy to wear those nice sweatshirts because of my nice c-section tummy, nothing with a waist band works!! I miss sweatshirts!!

    (since you asked) My hair has gotten curly over the past few years too, it seems it gets more and more curly as I get older. I am no expert on no frizz, but I found Suave anti-frizz cream (it's really cheap too) and it works great, well, better than anything else. It's in an orange tube and I put a quarter size amount on my hair after my shower and let it dry naturally. It's not too heavy, as I can wear it straight the next day (if I don't shower like yesterday!)

    Anyway, you really do look beautiful, it's so fun to see all these beautiful Catholic women!!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. My husband and I actually had a good laugh over this tag... how sad is it that I DO NOT HAVE A PURSE!?!? I honestly don't... not even for when I venture out without the kids. If I have the kids with me, it's a big ugly diaper bag. If I don't, I carry my keys, phone, and license/debit card in my pockets or hands. Pretty sad, huh?

    Adam said we are going to buy me a purse next time we can shop... he said the only way I can use the diaper bag as my purse is if I am ready to start wearing "Mom Jenas.' ;)

  3. That's "jeans." ;) He showed me the SNL skit online the other day and has been teasing me ever since, that four kids in, I might need to pick up a pair. ;)


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