Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Routine

Yesterday we got back into the swing of things and back to routine. I like routine. I like order. I am content. I also think that it does wonders for my home and for the kids. They know what to expect and when each day they are home with mommy. We decided that perhaps getting back into the swing of things may be a bit tough after almost two weeks off of a schedule, so we held a Family Meeting the night before. At first, the kids were inquisitive as to why we were having a meeting since "we only have those when we have to talk about a problem with us". We used the meeting forum to explain the blessing of vacations and time spent away from routine and that at Christmas time it was a good thing to have so we could celebrate and spend time with family. Then we went on to explain that while that was wonderful, we need routine in order to get back to school and learning, as well as back into our good habits. I was still a bit concerned about how yesterday would actually go and how much resistance I may encounter. Thankfully, we had a wonderful day and it was almost completely free from flaw!
I know not every household holds fast to routine as much as we do, but I have tried hard to keep it in our home since the kids were young. That way they know what to expect when and also know what times during the day are more of a 'free time' for them. It has also helped immensely since we started homeschooling last fall. Since the routine was already established, it was easy to just rearrange a bit to allow for school time.

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  1. Thanks for the compliments! :) I don't normally post pictures of myself for a couple of reasons... first, I am always the one TAKING the photos. Second, I still haven't accpeted what I look like after Isabella was born... lol. I am stillshocked everytime I look at a photo, wondering, Is my face reallythat round? They can't ALL be a bad angle! LOL

    As for homeschooling, I started out using Angelicum Academy's things for 3's, 4's, kindergarten, and first grade. I am jumping ship to Catholic Heritage Curricula this year, ordering in March. I still plan to borrow some from Angelicum and borrow some from my very own, though. I think Angelicum would work for anonly child,but it is just too intense, too much textbook reading for me! :)

    What do you use?


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