Friday, January 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. What's on my mind the most this morning is my 89 year old grandpa, Eddie. He fell yesterday at home and broke his hip. Thankfully, my parents live next door and my dad was home. He was able to go over there to help when my grandma called and he called 911. He was also able to ride in the ambulance with Papa. I have only heard briefly the story, but my dad stayed with both grandpa and grandma while they waited for the ambulance. While grandpa lay on the floor awaiting help, grandma sat in a chair by him and held his hand. After 64 years, she didn't leave his side. I'm still awaiting news on how his surgery went late last night. Offering prayers.

2. I am glad for routine. We are back into it this week after our Christmas break and I am so grateful!!

3. Today my heart is again thankful for my wonderful husband. When I called him with news of grandpa, he was quick to offer compassion and to come home if I needed. He's also offered to leave work today and drive me to the hospital (an hour away) if I need him to. He's supportive of whatever I may need in the event that the surgery outcome was not what we hoped. As always, he's given me a shoulder to lean on.

4. We're looking forward to our local Catholic home school (belated) Epiphany party on Sunday. Since we're new to homeschooling, it's nice to get to know more of the families and interact with them.

5. The last couple of nights we've been having 'bedtime issues' with both kids. We follow the same routine, but sleep seems to be coming much later and after much shouting from the kids. Not to mention the many last minute 'I want's'. I hope this phase doesn't last long. It's always difficult in our house when we go through these phases. Hard on mommy. Frustrating for daddy.

6. I am amazed what a little bit of paint can do for one's mood. We painted our bedroom last weekend and I can't believe how much more warmer and inviting it is to me. I have been consistent in my morning prayer time this week because of it. I feel all cozy in the morning and look forward to sitting in the rocking chair and spending time in prayer. I just feel so much better throughout the day too knowing that I started off right and gave my day to God. Somehow the early morning doesn't seem so bad when I am in my chair and in my newly painted bedroom!

7. This week has been filled with a lot of searching online. I'm looking for a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Somehow it seems, that in the midst of 2.5 years of dealing with infertility and all of the doctors and others that we've talked to and received advise from, no one has bothered to suggest the concept of consulting a RE. While reading a book recently, they point out that it is one of the first things to do. Oh really? And no one has told me that!? So, I am a bit upset that I have not been privy to this information sooner and somewhat frantically trying to find an RE that is qualified/certified. So far, the closest I've found is an hour and a half away and in all my searching I'm not able to find out if he's certified or not. Ugh. More work ahead!

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  1. I hope you find a good RE in the area! I'm surprised that none of the doctors have referred you before! Here's to 2009 bringing answers and BIG blessings. :)


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