Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jewelry Box & Haircut

Just pictures today of Lily with her completed jewelry box she was working on last week. She is thrilled by her accomplishment and I think she did a beautiful job. She spent a lot of time patiently painting and waiting for it to dry before adding more paint and embellishments. In these photos she's also showing off her new haircut. She'd been asking for a haircut for a couple weeks and I had resolved not to cut it this time, but make it special and take her in somewhere and let a professional do it. Well, by Saturday Lily could wait no longer and insisted that I just do it. So, the scissor came out and soon it was short. I must confess, a bit shorter than I had anticipated. But cute! I don't mind cutting Lily's hair (although I have a long way to go on getting it all completely 'even' afterward), because she has super straight hair. I think if she had any wave in it like mine, I would not attempt it. Nonetheless, she's LOVING her new hair to pieces! We even joke with her that she looks like Lucy from the first Chronicles of Narnia movie. She smiles when we say that because she really likes Lucy! And of course with a new haircut for my little ones, I am always caught off-guard on how much they grow up with just a few snips of the scissor. Growing up too fast for mommy. But for everything there is a season...for now I will try to enjoy this one that Lily is in. Not long and another one will roll in unexpectedly.

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