Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where Two Or More Are Gathered...

There is Christ in our midst.

That is exactly what we did.

Over fifty of us came together last night at my parents' home for Mass on a beautiful autumn evening.

Since their new priests arrived in July, they have done many different things to gather their flock. It's four communities that share these two wonderful priests (our buddy, Fr. G, and his young associate, Fr. JP)  and they need more unity rather than division.

So, every week on Tuesday evening while the weather is still pleasant, they are gathering for Mass on the Road. Parishioners offer to host the Mass and then each week a name is picked out of a hat to see who is chosen.

My parents were the hosts this week, so the big kids and I headed on over to celebrate Mass with their community.

The scene was set and the fine details were finalized.

Before Mass begins, Father asks the host/hostess to share a little about their home and their family.  They also choose the Mass intention and share that with the crowd. Upon discussing with Father, they chose to also have a votive Mass to the Holy Spirit rather than the mass of the day. Their intention was for a new evangelization in our Church, healing of families and for those who have left the Church/no longer practice their faith in our families.

It was the IDEAL fall evening. With the backdrop of fall foliage, cows in the pasture gently lowing in the background and perfect temperature, it was the precious reminder of Christ present everywhere. I think it also won over the heart of Fr. JP who comes from a farm family.

The sunset shone so brightly on Fr. JP as it lingered over the horizon and cast light on his red vestment amidst the orange and green leaves of the maple tree.

A touch of grace, a glimmer of beauty, a glimpse of the Holy Spirit.

Again I was reminded of the depth of our beloved Catholic Church and all that I easily take for granted.

Reason #183 why I {heart} my Catholic faith.


  1. Wow, oh wow, this is an awesome idea! I love that your parents picked out a votive Mass to the Holy Spirit, what a blessing to all in attendance!

  2. Amazing! Such a brilliant and beautiful way to bring the parish together. Oh my!


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