Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Perfect '10' Birthday

How do you celebrate your first double digit birthday in style?

Why, with numerous celebrations, of course.

Miss Lily celebrated her TENTH birthday over the weekend and we did our best to make it memorable.

First, the celebrating actually started last weekend with a pre-birthday party with my parents who were visiting.

The best cupcakes topped with cocoa buttercream frosting.

On Lily's birthday day, we were off to Itasca State Park. Like last year, hubby had a work meeting there on Friday. It worked out well for the whole family to tag along and make a family fun day out of it.

The birthday girl was quite pleased!

How can she be 10 already??!!

The cool fall temperatures didn't threaten our outdoor plans, which was a blessing. A little chilly, but even the little girls had a lot of fun. We were able to enjoy the sights and beautiful fall foliage too.

Of course, back at the Mississippi River headwaters once again.

Saturday evening, we had the neighborhood gang over for cake and ice cream. Just a simple Funfetti (*gasp* BOX) cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, birthday girl's choice.

However, my children still think I am apparently a Cake Boss and can whip up any of their creations. I try, but am not always real successful.

This time around, it was a Shark themed cake since Lily has a fascination with them. We are still unsure as to how the desire to know all things shark related ever even found way to her radar.

So, this Cake Boss put together this little number after numerous consultations with the designer:

While Lily did seem less than enthusiastic initially over the end result ('It's nice. Not really what I was picturing, but it's ok'), the cake seemed to grow on her and she fell in love with it. C'mon, can I have kids that just ask for a plain old cake that's frosted and a few sprinkles on it??!!

Not bad, huh?

We concluded the double digit extravaganza with pizza and bowling with her two BFF's (they're sisters) and her brother today.

So much fun with friends and so many good laughs!!

Phew. I think we can say that we celebrated our pants off and Lily is officially birthday-ed out. I think.

 At least I know I am.

These are going to be some very sweet memories for years to come of her tenth birthday.


  1. OHhhh, how much fun! To be 10 again...oh my! Happy birthday to sweet Lily. And mama, it only goes faster at this point so hang on for the ride. BTW, I think the shark cake looked great. I'm no cake boss either!

  2. Happy Birthday honey--God bless you!!

    Love that cake, great job mama!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little one, Sarah! Good job on making her special day so very special! And love the cupcake idea... : )


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