Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday Scenes Including Mary

September 8th is a special day at our house and we do our best to celebrate the two special occasions:

#1- Our Blessed Mother Mary's birthday

#2- Reed and my wedding anniversary

We usually find some way to work Mary and her birthday into our anniversary. When you share the day with such an important woman, how could you not?

As with most Marian feasts a 'Blue Day' is declared in our house. We started this several years ago and our kids usually make the connection then to Mary. Whomever is able, tries to incorporate the color blue in what they're wearing that day. You know, because Mary's favorite color was clearly BLUE. However, if you have a baby in the house and she is a girl, blue is not even in her wardrobe combinations so she is excused from the obligation.

The day was beautiful and the morning dawned chilly, but that didn't keep Jonah from insisting on a bike ride. So, daddy took the three kids while I stayed home with Margaret. We both had acquired a little cold and decided to stay home and rest a bit.

In the afternoon, a trip to the Dairy Queen was warranted in order to continue the celebrating. This worked well since in that local city they also have a Catholic church with a Mary Garden alongside it.

They included a couple of different angel statues in the garden including Seraphim (I think that's this one).

One of the kids' (and mine) favorite, St. Michael.

A beautiful place to sit and pray on a perfect fall afternoon.

Eleven amazing years together and still going strong. We have been so blessed!

Happy Birthday Mary!

How was your weekend? Hopefully it was filled with family, fun and beautiful weather just like ours.


  1. 11 years!! You old farts ;)

    I remembered Our Lady's birthday like I remember everybody's birthday....the day after. Oy. At least in Heaven, time doesn't exist, right??

    Today is the first chilly day we've had, it's cute seeing your kids in sweatshirts already!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And to share it with such a special birthday as well... Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, Sarah. The Mary Garden is beautiful! And Dairy Queen too...we love that place. My daughter Madison works there, so we have another reason to vist. (just in case I need one!) Have a great day, Sarah.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful day. Shaun & I were married on January 1st (The Feast of Mary, Mother of God) and we loved sharing our day with her. I love that it falls on a permanent feast of Our Lady instead of some movable feast. The pictures are lovely. What a beautiful place to stop & visit and thank God for the gift of your marriage.. which has obviously been "fruitful". Blessings on many more years to come!

  4. Happy Anniversary Sarah and Reed!! Praying you have many more happy years together!


  5. It sounds as though you had a splendid day. What a very special day, too!!! I LOVE the idea of having a blue day for the Marian feasts. Great idea! The garden pictures are beautiful and St. Michael....isn't he every little boys favorite saint? :) May you be showered with abundant blessings throughout another year of holy matrimony!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your family is growing so beautifully.


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