Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For The Homeschooling Mom

I read this quote last week on a blog (sorry, I'd give you credit if I could remember who you were) and thought it an appropriate reminder for us homeschooling moms as we begin a new year:

'As your school year begins, your chances to grow in holiness are about to be multiplied.'

This one will be going up on my fridge for the next several weeks.

May your school year be blessed, whether you started weeks ago or if you are like me and starting today. May our path to holiness be filled with the graces we need for the journey.


  1. Have a great school year with you littles, Sarah!

  2. Good quote. Good luck. I agree wholeheartedly!

  3. OH yes. I need that quote....in just about every bedroom and bathroom I may walk into as well! LOL Thanks for sharing, Sarah!


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