Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In The 'Hood: Toddlerhood

At some point along the way I forgot how busy a toddler can be. From sunrise to sunset, these kids can go, go, go.

How is it no one has figured out how in the world to bottle up all of their energy and feed it to us 30-something year old moms via IV drip?

Climbing, running, jumping, twirling, stomping, vaulting, pushing, pulling...the list is endless!

These little wonders can sure be little dickens, but you've gotta love them for their ambition. And they are pretty darn cute.

I'm finding that sometimes that cuteness needs some direction, in addition to quiet time.

Those little hands like to be kept busy and right now Gianna is right at the age where she can sit still. For a couple minutes any way.

Coloring delights the little artist to no end, but watch close or that table will become her latest masterpiece.

Give the girl some sidewalk chalk and she'll have the best of both coloring and taking in the fresh air.

A quick click or two on Pinterest led me to a concept called 'Busy Bags' and other little ideas for the toddler. There were a bunch of wonderful quick, easy and inexpensive projects for help working on fine motor skills.

This one is just a used butter container with a small hole cut out in the lid. Buy a cheap bag of different size pom-poms and the toddler can keep putting them in the hole in the lid. Gianna enjoys this one and I think the bright colors of the pom-poms are a hit as well.

While it isn't always easy to physically get out the door with naps for two, snacks for two and other randoms times two, we make the best of it when we do. Gianna is a little explorer so she finds adventure wherever she roams.

I also made sure that with school about to begin that I had a back up plan in the event the coloring, self guided play and roaming wasn't enough. I spotted these Lauri products on Amazon and pull them out only when needed, so Gianna hasn't even seen them all yet. So far, they are a hit!

With a pretty easy-going personality like Gianna's, she's usually content and a happy camper no matter what she's doing.

Unless of course it's Sunday morning and she's being confined to the church pew.


  1. Now that last picture of Gianna looks just like Reed as a child.

  2. I love that pom pom idea. Xander is almost to that stage where he likes to take things out and put them back in a container. So far, he has gotten the taking things out part down pat! Toddlers are my favorite!!!

  3. She is SO cute! That'll be me soon with the two close together. Whew! Just the thought. Ava's already a busy little bee zipping all over. I like that pom pom idea (will keep it for the future when she is more likely to put them in the lid than her mouth) Enjoy her!


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