Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn At My Door

After a brief hiatus, I've made a return to Pinterest. 

You know the place, right? Where all the cool super-crafty, arsty-fartsy, chic types all hang out.  

Where everything you see looks so awesome and totally do-able.


However, I use my discretion and a dose of reality to pin what I may actually do. You know, someday.

I ended up getting an itch for a quick craft project. Fall wreath for my front door? Can do. Will try.

I pinned this one and followed the directions and used her template for rosettes. After a quick stop at JoAnn Fabrics, I was well on my way.

* 1 grapevine wreath

* 4 fall berry picks

* 6 total felt squares (dk.brown, lt. brown, maroon and orange color)

* 1 1/4 yds. brown ribbon for hanging

* 1 pkg.of command strip hooks (for hanging 3 lb items)

With the super sale they were running last week and my coupons, I spent just over $10 total. Throw on some hot glue and double-sided tape that I already had on hand and I was set.

The rosettes turned out to be kind of fun once I got the hang of them. The project maybe took a little over an hour if I don't count interruptions.

Hey, not bad! I'm pleased with the results.

I'm no Martha, but I don't mind trying.


  1. Oh! How! Cool! I think you did a beautiful job, Sarah! You know, I've just been on Pinterest for the first time in eons as well. (I'm sick of watching or hearing the news and needed something uplifting.) Have a blessed weekend! Thanks for the novena!

  2. That is GORGEOUS!!!! I have a wreath like that I bought when I was nesting with someone...I need to find it and be creative.

  3. Love it Sarah! Martha has nothing on you! Enjoy the weekend! : )

  4. I'm just jealous that your white door looks so...fresh and clean! Mine is scuffed and muddy. (How does it get muddy all the way at the top?). And your wreath looks great!

    1. I must admit, Hope, that I wiped down the door after putting the wreath up. It was full of dirt, cobwebs and debris so the wreath looked awful. Normally, that door catches a ton of stuff and is not clean.


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