Thursday, September 8, 2011

To The Man I Love

Ten years ago today we were the Bride and Groom.
Today we are the Husband and Wife.

It's true that God brought you to me at just the perfect time. He made me for you and you for me. I truly cannot imagine being nearly as blessed without you in my life.
So blessed, that when I try to list all of the many ways you fulfill your role as husband, I am overwhelmed by the limitless ways you faithfully do that daily.

Yes, you were my knight, my prince charming.
You came into my life when I relied most on God showing me exactly who was my perfect mate.
You were ready and so was I.

To be together was so easy and still is.
To connect, communicate and love so well hardly was believable.

After our whirlwind romance, we settled in and built a home and a family.

If the walls of this home, our home, could talk they would be able to share the joys and happiness that have filled countless days in our marriage together.

They could retell of sorrow and pain so immeasurable at times, that we could not help but be drawn closer to one another, God and our faith.

Our marriage has become unshakable.

In ten years we have ridden some amazing highs and carried each other through valleys so low our love-struck eyes could never have foreseen.

You have held my hand and walked beside me despite my many flaws.

You have always remained attentive to me and my needs and desires, most often putting all else before yourself.

With kindness and compassion, love and loyalty, patience and joy you have nurtured our love and our marriage over these years.

To daily walk beside a man filled with so much grace, strength and courage, I am humbled and honored. You still are my knight, my prince charming.

I look forward to the many years ahead together and the many ways that we will continue to grow and build upon our marriage that has been rooted over these first ten years.

I cannot imagine how many more ways God will see to it that we are blessed in our sacrament of marriage.

Thank you for the man you are, the husband and father you've become and the treasure you are to me.

I love you dearly, Reed. Happy Tenth Anniversary!


  1. And now I'm crying. Tears of joy for your wonderful marriage. Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. I'm crying too. That was beautiful. congratulations--happy blessed Anniversary!!

  3. So beautifully written Sarah.
    Wishing a Happy Anniversary to you both!

  4. How beautiful, Sarah!

    Congratulations on this 10th anniversary and many blessings for so many, many more (decades!)


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