Friday, September 9, 2011

Bountiful Harvest

I know I mention it every year, but this time of year always makes me feel a little like a Pioneer. You know, like the Ingalls Family. I've been busy these last weeks canning, freezing and storing away food for the winter.

I guess it also makes me feel a little like a squirrel too.

Our garden has served us well this summer and been plentiful.

-The green beans produced enough for me to freeze many meals for later use and several meals fresh from the garden.

-My parents picked up 10 dozen ears of corn for our family from a local farmer in their area. We cut it off the ears and froze over a dozen bags.

-My parents were also our source of apples this year from their abundant two trees, which provided 12 qts. apple pie filling, 9 qts. applesauce that we canned and another 8 freezer containers of applesauce.

-Our tomatoes haven't done too bad, although they are awfully small romas this year for some reason. They have already produced 16 qts. spaghetti sauce, 6 qts. V8 juice and 13 pints tomato soup. I still have plenty more to ripen, but I think we'll be finished up soon.

-There are still potatoes to be dug and squash to pick, bake and freeze this fall yet.

Although it's a lot of work and about now I'm sick of seeing the produce and dealing with it, I always remind myself of that rewarding feeling I have in the winter months. It's a good feeling to pull out one of those jars from the shelf and reap the benefits of the extra effort I'm making now during the harvest.

The homegrown taste just can't be beat!


  1. That is just awesome! I have so much respect for people who harvest & can & freeze, probably because I've never had a garden of my own.

    Baby steps, I tell myself. Maybe next year we can start with a small plot out back.

    Baby steps, I say. Maybe Sarah will invite us over to see her garden sometime! :)

  2. It's a lot of work all the way around, but such sweet rewards! I only have strawberries and then just enough to keep us in fresh strawberries in the spring. I just can't keep the wild animals from eating everything so I give up! But I envy your pantry! Beautiful.

  3. Sarah! What a bountiful harvest indeed!!!

    everything you described I recall my own mother doing. Our basement was always filled with their garden harvest. I miss the taste of sweet corn. We don't have that "melt in your mouth" sweet corn down in Texas.

  4. Wow! You did great! My garden hasn't done well this year--I attribute it to a June baby! :) There is always hope for next year. I'm with you, it is a lot of work but so very worth it!

  5. Good job - it will taste so fabulous come winter!
    I know well what it takes - and am ever thankful for a bountiful harvest.
    I can relate with being tired of dealing with all the produce about this time of year, but I never tire of cucumbers. There's just nothing like the taste of fresh-picked cukes!



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