Monday, September 19, 2011

Speaking Honestly

Some days you can wake up rested and rejuvenated. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the day's outlook is beautiful. All the children are well rested, happily eat their breakfasts, get dressed for the day, do their chores and eagerly await the teacher at their school desks.

THAT was not today.

It's Monday, let's start with that. They aren't always my favorite after a family weekend that fills me up and let's me down with the start of the new week. It's harder to get out of bed on Monday, harder to get my exercise in and just harder in so many other areas of the day. There's just a lot to do on Monday.

Add on top of that a restless night for baby who is apparently teething and me lazily laying in bed just a little longer. There are my other children who should've gotten their adequate amount of sleep because I let them sleep in as needed, but seemingly that was still not enough. Instead, I was greeted with revolt, tears, crabbiness and utter chaos.

Not exactly the picture perfect homeschooling, at-home mom ideal that we all like to portray, huh?

In the end school was pushed back and not easily accomplished, but we did get through it. Baby took short (like 15 minute) naps and I tried to roll with it. To throw the day off a little more, I had a scheduled OB appointment and ultrasound this afternoon to get to as well.

It all happened. The day is almost done and we all survived.

Today won't go down in the books as one of our best days ever and that Homeschooling Mom of the Year Award will surely bypass me this year, but that's ok. Tomorrow is a new day, thankfully.

I just wonder if any other pregnant mother has actually looked forward to a doctor appointment just to have a little time alone and get away? Today, I sure did.


  1. Alone? You get to go to your appts alone? Wow, you are a blessed woman!!

    Actually, this is the first baby I can leave Nicholas home with a couple kiddos but not all so I only have to bring a couple. Last baby, picture me every time, bringing all 4 kiddos. It was awful. (magnets, that's when I brought the magnets)

    Anyway, Mondays are always something of a "what's going to happen today?" kind of day. My oldest complained with every ounce of work he had to do. There were even tears today. I'm not letting it get me down though. I called the principal and he spoke to him. It helped for that particular 1/2 hour then back to it.

    Tomorrow will be better.
    The bad days make the good days that much better!!

    SO, about that ultrasound....did you guys find out the sex of that sweet baby?

  2. I was reading your post and thinking, "Praise God - someone who is living the same crazy Monday I am! I'm not alone!" :-) Here's hoping Tuesday is much, much better for all of us!

  3. Jamie, no gender revelation yesterday. We've decided to keep it a surprise again this time around :)

    Although, we probably couldn't have found out yesterday even if we wanted to. Baby Gem was rolled in to such a ball and all curled up that he or she wouldn't even budge a bit when the tech tried to get him or her to straighten out a little to get all of the measurements.

    I think I may have another stubborn one on my hands soon ;)

  4. Sounds like most of my MOndays... and Tuesdays...and Wednesdays... LOL

    I always laugh when I recall my mother's words as she tucks her own tired body into bed..."I have been waiting for this moment since I woke up!" Amen!

    Actually, I kind of dread my appt's because they're 30 miles away, in the city, Dr. is ALWAYS really late, and I always hit rush hour.

    I go today :) No baby gender sono for me either. Although I have been tempted lately.


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