Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just A Glimpse

One of my favorite things to do is peek in on my kids when they are asleep. Sometimes it's a feeling of relief that the long and difficult day is behind us.

Sometimes it's just to behold their dreamy faces and listen to the rythmic breathing.

With my baby it's usually one more look to be sure that she's breathing, isn't laying on her belly and has settled down.

No matter the age of my children, I still find it tugging the heartstrings of this mother's heart. It's usually a quick glance, but it's enough to make me wistful and just want to cuddle my growing little people.

I wish I could capture each and every one of these glimpses since they are few and far between amidst the bustle of every day life.

These days I'm eager to hold tight to what is right in front of me and not rush away the moment. The kids grow up whether I want them to or not, whether I've got my eye on them or I don't. They each are at different stages and yet each reaching for their own kind of independence.

I catch one more backwards glance as I leave the room and realize that I, like them, am still growing and changing right alongside them. With each stage and season they enter, I am called to a new kind of mothering.

It's good for all of us.


  1. I love doing that too! Princess, though, is a very light sleeper, so I don't get to peek as often as I would like to!

  2. Precious photo! There is just something about a sleeping angelic face, isn't there?

    I used to sneak in to take a peek, too! (Even the teen faces are wonderful to see... talk about making a Mama wistful and wanting to cuddle!)
    Thanks for the beautiful post - and memories.

  3. Awww, I just love you and your beautiful children! They are so angelic when they are sleeping. Sometimes I look at Xander on my way to bed, and just seeing him so peaceful and snuggly makes my milk come in :) The joys of mommyhood!!

  4. What a beautiful picture, Sarah. Your thoughts, your feelings...they will always remain the same. Sometimes I feel as though I'm on this ride and the only way to slow it down is to drag my feet, literally. It only goes faster :(


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