Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Just popping in to jump on the Thankful Thursday bandwagon.

For my husband who heads off to work in the dark of the early morning to provide for our family. He's been putting in the extra hours now so that he can take some time off and be home with us when baby arrives.

For my daughter who continues to grow up too fast and is gently pulling away, but still has enough tender moments to pat my belly and ask when the last time I felt the baby move. She'll be such a good Big Sister again and I think the baby may draw us closer in our Mommy-Daughter relationship.

For my son who still has his struggles with his temper and too much emotion that he doesn't know how to handle. Tough to deal with at times, but he's also taken great strides in growing up and becoming quite the little man. He's still my Cubbie.

For baby who continues to keep me on my toes in awe and wonder as we await his/her arrival. We've almost made it to 38 weeks together!

For my parents, especially my dad who turns 60 today. I have been so blessed by my relationship with my parents and that they get to share in my family's life as often as possible.

For Dr. K and his wife. With each appointment I am reminded how much we needed him for this pregnancy and how very blessed we've been by our Catholic physician throughout this journey. Without the patience and instruction from his wife and learning the Creighton model, we may not even be where we are today and pregnant. We are so thankful that they were brought into our lives at the right time.

For prayerful friends near and far who read here. Could you please send Patty some extra prayers in the coming days? Her sorrowful heart is aching through her loss and she could really use them.


  1. Sarah, The link seems to be broken to Patty, but I'll keep her in my prayers nonetheless.
    And for you, and Little Blessing, too.

  2. Sorry Lori. Just fixed the broken link. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Isn't the Creighton model amazing?! We absolutely love it. And can I just say that it is (for me :)) such a relief to hear that I am not the only one with a little munchkin who has too many emotions to know what to do with them? And I cannot believe you are getting so close! Last Monday I mentally exclaimed, "Sarah's full-term today!" Yippee! Prayers for you and baby in the home stretch!


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