Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Winter Daybook

For Today...1.11.11

Outside My Window...steady snow which isn't accumulating to much, but a couple more inches to add to our increasing piles. No signs of sunshine any time this week.

I Am Thinking...about way too many things that can consume a pregnant mommy brain! Including every possible scenario on how to prepare our home both for my absence while in the hospital and for a newborn.

I Am Thankful For...a level-headed husband and his patience. Not to mention his confidence that 'everything will be just fine'.

I Am Praying...for an uneventful next few weeks and a healthy baby.

I Am Reading...Motherless by Brian J. Gail and refreshing my memory with tidbits of reading on labor/delivery and breastfeeding.

I Am Creating...a rounded belly that nestles baby #3 and snuggles him or her safely.

Baby This Week...still kicking and squirming, particularly at night. Should weigh over 5 lbs at least by now.

Favorite Pregnancy Foods...anything that doesn't give me indigestion/heartburn or make me feel too full. I'm running out of room in this belly.

Around The House...yellow and green, pink and blue. Without knowing baby's gender, there's lots to have semi-unpacked and ready for either.

From The School Room...keeping on task and sticking to lesson plans as much as possible. Last week was a great week, considering that we were just back from break and getting back into the swing of routine again. I'm hoping to keep that momentum going.

From The Kitchen...Chicken lasagna; Tator Tot hotdish and we'll see what else strikes my fancy this week.

For The Rest Of The Week...only a doctor appointment on Thursday that should take me away from home, which is good since our roads are slippery/icy and snow covered.

One Of My Favorite Things...the smell of Dreft laundry detergent in my laundry room.

Picture Thought I Am Sharing...this altar ice sculpture is the handiwork of youth and some adults at a parish in my hometown.

More daybooks can be found over at The Simple Woman's Daybook who hosts all of us who join in!


  1. Sounds like you're having a good week! Husbands can be wise sometimes in their level-headedness, while we moms will at times overthink things (I'm at least talking for myself, but I think we all do it!). But then again, sometimes husbands have a way of overlooking things. Moms have a gift of "knowing" what needs to be done for the kids and home. That being said, everything WILL indeed turn out just fine. You'll know what you're doing again once everything starts and once baby's here. And the kids and your husband I'm sure will do just fine at home... it's nice that your kids are the age they are - at that age, they are able to remind us of something we may have skipped in the the normal routine, including when Mommy's gone - at least our 5 year old does.

  2. Lovely list! Enjoy your day : )


  3. I laughed when I read tater tot hotdish. That's so midwestern. And it's our Tuesday night fare.

  4. What is that tater tot hot dish? I'm intrigued...

    And listen to your wise husband, everything will be ok. This is your miracle baby :)

    What are your birth plans (as if it's all in our control!). Drugs? No drugs? In water? In a bed? Doctor? Midwife?

  5. Gosh! I didn't think about it being 1-11-11. My kids will like that! I LOVE!!! the smell of dreft...mmmm...

  6. Hi! Stopping by from SWD - congrats on baby #3! We didn't find out what our lil one was going to be either...unusual this day in age. Enjoy meeting your lil one! Blessings!

  7. I envy your pregnancy. I loved being pregnant and I have always found it sad to know I too old to have more. I pray you will have a beautiful healthy baby. I love snow. We have about two inches. Congrat's on your third baby. I had four. Doylene


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