Sunday, January 30, 2011

Checking In

What's new here you ask?

Well, not much. Just odds and ends that fill our winter days here. Good things, but non-baby arrival things.

Nothing monumental to share, but a few photos instead. Just in case my absence here starts to make you wonder if I've gone in and had the baby yet. Rest assured, I'll keep you posted.

Because, I'm sure you're all just sitting on the edge of your seat counting the days as much as I am...ha!

A few highlights from last week:

Lily had this peculiar incident again that started with sneezing and runny nose and within an hour and a half had escalated into this again...

She's had this before, but we still haven't figured out the cause. It wasn't a sudden onset of a cold since the sneezing/runny nose quit, but then the swollen eyes did last for about another day and a half.

We had friends over for a mommy visit and a play date for the kids. A much welcomed break to our week!

Doctor appointment for me (no changes), errands and a library run with the kids. Then we treated them to a couple hours at a local waterpark to splash away the winter blues.

They thoroughly enjoyed it.

My parents stopped in for a visit to see my rounded belly for one last time brighten our day. We had supper together and celebrated my dad's birthday which was last week.

It made my weekend since I'm huge, tired, restless a homebody these days.

We headed to Mass as usual in the morning and everyone was even chipper enough for a few photos, including my 38 week photo with baby.

This afternoon we headed out to an outdoor parish sponsored event, but it was rather cold so we didn't stay long. It included a snowmobile ride, horse drawn sleigh rides, ice golf and cocoa and roasted hot dogs. We didn't join in the snowmobile ride, but did enjoy a sleigh ride with friends and some hot cocoa.

Thanks for stopping in and catching up with me! We'll see where this week takes us.

For now, I've got a little boy who is on the couch sick. Let's hope it's a passing thing and no one else is affected.

Have a great week!


  1. I love seeing all the photos! Okay, maybe I'm wrong here, but you seem so tiny for being so far along! You look great though!

  2. Poor Lily!! Benedryl, benedryl, benedryl! You still look AMAZING...I think I need to stop posting any more belly pics because it's just too embarrasing being compared to the likes of you and Allison. Oh, and Gianna is on the top of our girl name list now. Funny, huh?

  3. Dear Sarah,

    I cannot thank you enough for all of your kind words and prayers. I have decided to catch up on some blogs today...a little here...a little there.

    Lilly. Oh dear. Does benedryl help?

    I was happy to hear your family popped in for birthday celebrations. My mother will be with me for mine...the first time in years. One is never too old to celebrate such precious moments with our parents.

    You! You look fabulous. I think you are going to have a boy. I like your necklace you are wearing in the pic.

    And the church event? I have to say, it is so unique. I love it! I love to see what people are doing in different parts of the country. We have such a great country, don't we?

    When I see their snow gear, I cannot help but miss that availability. My kids always had that kind of gear when we lived up in Illinois. Since we moved down here, you cannot find it. They are going to be opening a brand new Cabela not too far from our home and maybe next fall I'll find some there?

  4. Wow, I think you seem pretty busy!

    And, I'm glad you checked in...or strange blog people might email you to make sure you are okay, lol! :) And I'm jealous of your baby belly--it is so cute!! And, no, there will be no baby belly pics from me.... I would be too embarrased! baby six! ack!

    Hopefully, Lily's allergy is something she'll grow out of (like hives?).

  5. I can't believe you are so tiny at 38 weeks! You look AWESOME! I look like that at 3 weeks. (ha ha) You must be getting soooo excited now!

    Poor kid, I wonder what she's allergic to. My Madeleine got hives once out of the blue. Our doctor took one look at her and asked what she'd eaten recently. I said that she hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary. Stupid allergies, anyway. :P

    Happy last two weeks!! I'm so eager to hear your news!

  6. Love seeing your pics! Sounds like you had a fun week! Sorry we missed out seeing you yesterday at the sleigh ride, Maria was soo exhausted already! Hope you're staying warm over there! (and off the roads... they are terrible today!) See you soon hopefully!


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