Friday, January 7, 2011

Mommy Matters: Postpartum

I'm getting ready to head into 35 weeks here in a couple days and I'm contemplating my postpartum days and weeks ahead.

I know I've read numerous great ideas and tips over the years, but for the life of me cannot remember a whole lot of them.

How about you, dear reader? I'm betting you've got a lot of input in this department.

What are you postpartum must-haves? Products you find beneficial to ease into post-baby days; soothing relief for breastfeeding moms; invaluable suggestions/recommendations you'd love to pass along...

You name it, I'll take it!! Share the good and the bad. The hits and the misses in all-things-postpartum.

I'm all ears!


  1. I'm hopeful that you will deliver normally, but in case of a c-section (I've had 5), you'll want to take any painkillers they prescribe as well as ibuprofen as directed. Missing a dose can mean a lot of suffering that is unnecessary. In case of a cesarean, have plenty of help postpartum for at least a few weeks, especially if you have stairs at your house. Rest even if you think you feel good. Overdoing it after a cesarean can lead to complications that could be avoided.
    Postpartum depression: watch yourself for postpartum depression. Read about the symptoms and talk to your doctor if you feel too tired, angry, weepy, or just plain off. The normal blues shouldn't last for more than a few weeks. If you're miserable, it's not normal.
    For nursing: I finally learned to latch a baby properly with NUMBER FIVE. I thought I knew it all! But I was cracked and sore in the hospital already and the lactation specialist offered me a cream and showed me how to latch Maria. Within two days, the pain was completely gone and nursing was going well. I had nursed FOUR BABIES before her and thought that cracking/bleeding nipples was normal, as well as pain that was pretty bad for about four weeks into Baby's life. No such thing! Nursing should not be painful. I know that now. Wish I'd figured that out about eight years sooner!! :)
    Most of all, good luck! I'm so excited for you, so eager to hear news. There's a blogging-baby-boom going on and I'm loving it!!

  2. As PP said, no breastfeeding should not hurt! Taking your time and making sure baby latches correctly each and every time is very important. That being said, I've had a couple voracious nursers that caused some early-on soreness and in that case--there were some wonderful little gel packs you could put in the fridge and breast shields (to keep clothing from rubbing on sore or cracked nipples) have helped me alot in the past. And definately invest in the cloth nursing pads--way healthier for you and very absorbent.

    As for everything else postpartum, taking good care of yourself and getting lots of rest are the best things you can do. If you have to rely on lots of movies for the other kids for this short time, then do it and don't feel bad!

    Thankfully, I usually feel great AFTER the baby --dragging the kids to the park with a one week old because I was too miserable to do it before! :)

  3. I know you know it, but sleep, even when you think that one basket of laundry should be folded first. Because that one basket of laundry always leads to the dishwasher, or some other chore. "If you give a mouse a cookie.." ;)

    And it is even harder to sleep when you have older ones at home. So, take advantage of that nap moment when you can.

  4. If I remember right, you've been on progesterone during pregnancy? I haven't done this yet but probably will with my next full term baby, because I tend to be low on progesterone and had horrible postpartum depression and anxiety, but if you start to feel more than the mild baby blues, consider talking with your doctor about a progesterone shot or other progesterone therapy to help you out of it. And make sure you take care of yourself!!

  5. For my babies burping was a deal breaker. If they were fussy it was generally because of gas. A couple tricks that worked for me...
    1.If they did not burp immediately after nursing with a small amount of pats on the back. I would lie them down on a hard surface like the floor only until they began to whine. (1 minute max) Then I would pick them up and continue burping. worked almost every time.
    2.Or sitting the baby on the floor or table supported, not on my lap, while burping
    3.My BEST but least convenient trick for burping or gas was to sit my little baby on the potty. Something about their posture on it (The Baby Bjorn Potty was best for my kids) and it has a dual purpose cause my kids poop trained very young.

    Other than that. Lanolin cream worked for the first weeks of nursing. use it went you first get tender

    Rest and drinking water were the things I always put off and regretted

    Oh, and the stool softeners are a must. For my 3rd baby the nurse forgot to give me some postpartum and I thought I'd be fine. The alternative is not fun.

    I have also heard the Bella band is great postpartum for support and to hide the post belly.

    Sarah I am so excited for you. You will be great. I pray one day I get to meet your hubby and all of your beautiful children. God Bless.

  6. Sarah - I did a "baby stuff" post last March that might be helpful for you:

    I agree with the rest of the ladies: sleep, rest, nurse, eat, drink and take it easy! Swaddle your baby, hold your baby near your heart, stay home as much as possible. I get more and more old fashioned about this the more kids I have! I used to be antsy about getting back to things but now I wish I could lie around with the baby for weeks and weeks. I even cringe when I see newborns out in public. Try not to go anywhere for as long as you can stand it.

    I highly recommend warm baths for healing. If your breast are too full get the water as hot as you can stand it and submerge those things and get that milk flowing out. If baby needs a bath run the water not too hot for babes and have your dh put the baby in the tub with you and be there to get the baby out too. We still do this and it is so much easier and more comfortable for baby. Calendula oil after a bath is nice and warming for baby.

    I loved the fake little tea light candles postpartum - nice when you are up at night and great to take to the hospital.

    Please check out products at Earth Mama Angel Baby - love all of them! And I also love for their prices and fast free delivery.

    Enjoy! Ours is nine months old already and standing up. It goes so fast. We are praying for you!

  7. Do you have a boppie for nursing? HIGHLY recommended, and you are welcome to use mine if you don't have one.

    Also, some sort of sling or Baby Bjorn...both of which I have and am not using.

    Email me & let me know, as I hate to see these things just languishing in my basement!

    You're getting SO close. :)

  8. Whenever you start to worry or feel that anxious feeling that I always feel during the last few weeks, tell yourself, God is already there. Fast forward 5 weeks, and God is already there, He knows the sex of the baby, He knows what he/she looks like, He knows how it will all go.

    This thought always gives me peace.
    (although,I have to say it often!!)

    You have to get Lanolin stuff in the purple tubes for your nipples, a must have!!!

    Praying all goes well, blessings to you and baby!!!

  9. Lansinoh Lanolin for sure!!! A air pillow to sit on in the tub...they used to give me one in the hospital. Had to ask for it last time. A boppy pillow (and even a foot stool) help when nursing...esp. those first months! Have those big siblings run for you as much as you need it! Have that nap whenever you get a chance! Basically all the things the people above have mentioned! Most of all me if you need help with least until June! ha! ~Michelle H.

  10. Looks like you have a lot of good advice above Sarah....I am just a few steps away, so please call me if you need anything. That is what family is for! Will be saying extra prayers for you as you soon approach the birth of our newest family member...can't wait!!!!!


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