Monday, January 17, 2011


With the new year brought Jonah's first loose tooth. With the loose tooth brought the realization that my 'baby' isn't really a baby any more.

It also brought about that same reality for dear Jonah as he wiggled on that tiny tooth all last week. Through the pain (albeit magnified by my seemingly pain intolerant boy), he cried numerous days and groaned how solid foods would be a thing of the past until that tooth finally came out. Oh yes, he cried and wailed. One day, even exclaiming 'I want to be three again! I don't want to grow up! I don't want to loose my teeth!'

I was tempted to moan along with him and complain of my woes of adulthood. If a loose tooth is as rough as you've got it kid, well, then you've got it good.

But I didn't.

He was feeling his own growing pains and it wasn't really all about the tooth. I think he knows there are changes coming and it's finally time to grow up a bit more. We're trying to put a healthy spin on it and remind him that this is all part of God's plan for us. We grow up and there's always something new and exciting that we get to do that we couldn't before. He's grudgingly taking the bait...I think.

Any way, the tooth was thoroughly wiggled and pushed to and fro until it was finally hanging by a thread (or root as it were). In the meantime, his sister lost a tooth last Friday while eating her breakfast and did it with ease. It was one we weren't even aware was loose! Finding it no more of an incentive to just let mommy pull his tooth out and endure that last little bit of pain, Jonah waited.

Two days later, we were all finally put out of our misery and the little tooth was out. Relieved, Jonah realized now that it was over that the whole ordeal really wasn't that bad.

Life is like that, isn't it? Lesson learned and we move on to the next thing.

Now, I'm just hoping that this baby we're waiting on comes out in the end as effortlessly as the tooth. A girl can hope.


  1. Oh, I'm sure their will be wailing, complaining, and crying involved, but one way or another that baby is coming out!!

    (Said more to myself than you :) )

  2. Oh, you've been busy with a tooth! Yay! :) I was worried you had the flu.....

    Yes that baby will come out and it will be GOOD! :)

  3. What an adorable photo. You should frame that one!


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