Thursday, January 6, 2011

Following Your GPS

This past Sunday, our parish priest made an interesting comparison that caught my ear.

He was talking about starting the new year and and following where God wants to lead us this year. It may be in an unexpected place or a course that we aren't prepared to follow.

He then made the analogy that the Holy Spirit is like our GPS along this path. Many times as we follow this course and see where it leads, we'll find ourselves a bit off route. It's then that the Holy Spirit acts and nudges us and much like the GPS, we may be need to be 'recalculating' along the way.

Have you ever used a GPS and not taken the turns and directions it suggested? If you have, then you know that all too familiar voice that prompts "Recalculating...turn left in 300 ft..." and so on.

What perfect imagery! I think I'll be hearing that one for a while. It's the perfect reminder that even when I get off course or find myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, the Holy Spirit is still right there recalculating, prompting me in the right direction.

Now if only I remember to listen to those new directions and be open to the alternate route.

And I need to be sure to keep the GPS on and not turn it off out of sheer annoyance because I think I know the way on my own.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection. So true! I keep hearing my HS saying, "Turn right! Turn right!"


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