Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sprinkling Fun In Your Week

In an effort to ward off the mundane of daily living while staying at home and homeschooling, I frequently look for ways to liven things up. While not any great and wonderful ideas most of the time, I try to link them with a catchy name so that at least the kids get a hoot out of them.

While not always weekly events, I think we SAHM's do whatever we can to make things more fun and perhaps to make our days a bit easier too. Not to mention, if you live in the frozen tundra of winter white January days, you need to become creative when nasty roads and living out of the city limit you.

We try most weeks to brighten the beginning of the week with Muffin Tin Monday. Our family also just reinstated Wii Wednesday for the winter months, which we all enjoyed last year. We've also done Collage Friday in the past at school where the kids can create a collage out of just about anything to wrap up our school week.

Just last week I came up with Fun(lunch)Food Friday, where I actually make a little bit of effort to make something healthy and fun for lunch. Involving perhaps a little more prep time than other lunches, the kids seemed to think that with the catchy name it was 'the best lunch ever'. I had only made cheesy, chicken quesadillas, apple slices with a cream cheese/honey/peanut butter dip and frozen chocolate covered bananas. See? Not super creative. This isn't to say that our lunches are usually boring, but I don't typically plan out our weekly lunches so most often they end up being whatever I think of making when 11:00 rolls around.

How about you? What creative ways do you spice up at-home days with your children?

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  1. Kudos to you for livening things up; wish that I could. Hope you are staying good and healthy. Oh my goodness, baby comes soo soon. Prayers being sent your way.


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