Monday, May 3, 2010

When Boy Meets Scissors

Noticing that her dear little boy suddenly has a small patch of hair on his head that seems a bit shorter than the rest,

"Have you been scratching your head a lot right here? It looks funny. There's this plain patch right here, where this little mole is on your head. Did you do something here?"

Innocent boy replies,

"No, I wasn't scratching it."

Later, naive mother sees yet another spot of short hair...and then another. All on the same side of his head. She decides that the haircut that was given at Easter time apparently just grew out kinda funny. Interesting.

At some point, in enters intelligent father and takes a look. Looking at mother says,

"I think he cut his hair. That's what it looks like to me."

Well, that's something. It hadn't occurred to the mother that dear angelic boy who never does anything wrong hooligan would cut his own hair!

She approaches her son asking,

"I think I know how that happened to your hair. Did you cut it?"


"Oh really? So, which scissors did you use?"

"I used the...."

He realizes he's been caught.

" you did cut your own hair? Why didn't you tell me the truth?"

Mother gets at eye level with little boy and begins the lecture....but boy stops her and grabs her cheeks and shouts,

"No, no mommy, keep your happy face on!"

He widens her smile with his sweaty little hands.

"You know that you can't cut your hair with scissors by yourself. Kids can't do that. It's not safe. We're going to have a conversation about what you did and why it was wrong"

Boy is starting to look guilty. And then insists,

"I don't want to have a comersation about it! I just want you to be happy. Put your happy face back on! See? Isn't that better?"

Ignorant mother smiles, because even though this is a serious moment she just can't help chuckling at her child.

It wasn't until later that night when dear mom realized that said 'incident' occurred during school time.
Scissors projects are always supervised, but when boy left the room several times during his cutting project she never noticed that the scissors went with him.
Next time when she thinks he's just leaving the school room to take a little break and playing with his Thomas trains...she's better think twice and go check that boy! Lesson learned.


  1. hahahaha....I was wondering if you would ever have that experience! Lily never did try it did she? A mother can't get away with not having at least 1 child attempt a haircut on themselves. I will have to check this haircut out....this is one little "naughty" thing children do that makes me laugh out loud!

  2. I would have been giggling long before you did! I am so bad at being serious when my kids do something wrong, they are just so sweet and funny! They are probably going to turn into horrible teenagers - oy! And YAY on the loose clothes (from Hi Lo)! You stink, but I love you ;)

  3. He's a scamp, isn't he?

  4. Oh, I just love how he holds your face and wants it to be happy!!! That is just adorable!

    We've had many many cutting incidents.....more will come, I promise, more will come!

  5. I know I shouldn't chuckle because this will so be our house soon enough, but I love the happy face piece...hilarious!


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