Friday, April 30, 2010

Hi Lo: April 30th


1. We enjoyed a model train show on Saturday as a family. It was in a city about an hour away, so we combined the trip with a whole lot of errands too. As we guessed, Jonah totally loved all the trains that surrounded him. We all did, really. My engineer boy also discovered the play area with the wooden trains and we spent a good portion of time playing there.

2. On Tuesday evening, Lily participated in her first piano recital. We were so proud of her and couldn't believe we had a daughter old enough to be performing! After only two months of lessons, she played every note perfectly for both of her songs, didn't appear nervous and did exactly as instructed when it was her turn. What a pro!

3. After arriving home after the recital, Lily asked me to give one last tug to her loose front tooth and ploop! out it came! She looks so darn cute with her little gap.

4. I did some shopping for summer clothes for myself on Saturday as well. Since I am slightly smaller than I was last summer and things are just fitting differently these days, I needed to make a few purchases to include in my wardrobe. Best part was that I used my money that I earned from the garage sale the previous Saturday and got a ton of great deals, so it was almost like FREE clothes!


1. Yesterday wasn't the best of days in the mommy department. Ever have those? It was just a rough day with the kids all around. Not sure if it was the dreary/rainy weather or if it was a delay of the full moon effect. Either way, *yuck*

How was your week? I hope you are enjoying spring time, wherever you are.


  1. Yippee for 'free' clothes! :) I literally never by clothes from myself, and a lot of my jeans are from college. Needless to say, they're falling apart, so Squeaks and I are making it our mission to remedy that this Saturday. Happy weekend!

  2. Yay, it's good to be smaller than last year, I guess I could say the same thing....but still 20 lbs bigger than the summer before!

    I can't believe Lily lets you touch any loose teeth!! My kids won't let me get within 1 foot of their mouths when they have loose teeth!

  3. I have bad mama days too, we all do. Yesterday for the rain, we turned on Tom and Jerry (we have Direct TV) and made some popcorn and lounged around all afternoon.

    It got us through the gloomy day!

  4. I love getting bargains, and using money that I've gained by frugal means. and I know what you mean about bad momma days.


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