Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Flowers~Industry & Truthfulness

I know I haven't done a very good job of posting our every Little Flowers meeting this year, but felt inspired to share this one. Yesterday was our last meeting for the year that finished out our Wreath I.

We packed in two virtues, Industry and Truthfulness, so that we can have the summer off. I am also working on plans for a Tea/Luncheon next month for the girls and their mothers. I'm sure there will be a post about that, along with some fun photos as well!

As usual, I get so involved in the whole meeting and facilitating so I forget to take photos. This meeting though, one of the moms offered to take some action shots during the meeting for me.

Have I mentioned before how thankful I have been for Jessica's plans and inspiration with Little Flowers? Trust me, she has so much of it documented that it really lends the rest of us a helping hand. Thanks again, Jessica!

Generally, we follow her wonderful ideas for the notebook pages and the girls have created one for each Saint and virtue to treasure in their folder. This is done after the lesson is presented and discussed. To better expand on the virtue of Industry, I also pulled a book from our shelf at home. I read Jacob's Gift by Max Lucado, to help the girls get a better idea of being industrious and using our gifts as we help God our Creator.

The girls, hard at work!

Of course, there is plenty of time for a snack..yum..

Here are the girls with their daffodil project from Industry and their 'Crowns of Truthfulness'

I think we all enjoy our monthly meetings and time together. I know Lily and I look forward to it as a fun outing for just us girls. We're already looking toward next year and the new virtues and Saints that await us! But I'm glad to have the summer to take a little breather from the planning and preparations, as soon as we have our little Tea/Luncheon in a few weeks.

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