Monday, May 10, 2010

What I Learned This Mother's Day

(Or otherwise titled "What I Should've Already Known")

We have a tradition around here for Mother's Day and it usually involves my dear husband preparing me a wonderful breakfast/brunch and slaving away over the stove. Hours in the kitchen, most often all of the work done completely by himself. Some years it is served in bed and I am instructed to stay in bed and sleep in, but other years I can't stand waiting upstairs in our bedroom and usually slip off to the shower and eventually emerge down the stairs.

My husband is thoughtful and he's also a very good cook, so I'm lucky. And I know that. But each year I can't help but gear toward Mother's Day as if it really is all about ME and is my only day to do as I wish. Selfish, I know. Therein lies the inevitable let-down that occurs most every year.
I build up images of obedient children, no quarreling, everything for mama. I realize this is very unrealistic. And ultimately, expectations are dashed and despite my husband's effort it is just another day.

And then I get to thinking. I realize the error of my ways and that each day is one that I have been granted to be a mom to my children, to nurture and teach, guide and love, discipline and encourage them. On that second Sunday of May, it is a day no different, but perhaps one to be more grateful that I was given the gift of motherhood at all. Mothering is hard work and demands that we deny our own selves many times daily in order to care for the little ones we have been granted to guard. Together, we bring one another toward heaven.

In the end, on that celebrated Mother's Day, what we did really doesn't matter that much. If I receive a meal someone else prepared and put their hard labor into and served it with love, I should be blessed enough. Thankful enough. And I am.

Of course, if you add in a couple of cards and a few heartfelt gifts, I count myself abundantly blessed. I just wish I'd realized all of this two days ago. I maybe would've appreciated yesterday a little more.

Still...It was a good day. See? I even have photos to prove it...

Homemade with love: cinnamon rolls, egg bake, fruit & yogurt parfaits

Our Mother's Day Family Outing

The Climb

The View

Cute Kids We Met Along The Way

And Their Nice Parents

You can't go to the Peak without stopping to see your mama, just down the gravel road. And you can't go through Mother's Day without visiting your heavenly mama.

Jonah had a little offering to leave Mary. He was so proud of that dandelion.

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Mother's Day, no matter how ordinary or how special your day turned out!


  1. Oh Sarah, how I can relate!! Yesterday was the first Mother's Day that I TRULY enjoyed. I usually end up feeling let down, which is so selfish and pitiful. I didn't have to cook one single meal and I got to go shopping and out to lunch with my mom. It was a very relaxing and uneventful day, and my kids were so happy to let me celebrate. Life is so much better when I can count my blessings instead of focusing on the minor irritations. We are lucky and loved :)

  2. What a great post, Sarah! I wholeheartedly agree!

  3. Sarah, I could have written this post! (My Mother's Day was not what I'd hoped, either.) Recognizing the error of our selfish expectations has to be at least HALF the battle though, huh?

    Thank you, God, for grace.

  4. Woops! Sorry to confuse you!

    That last post was me, logged in under my son's account. :)

  5. Another big thank you for the blog award!

    What a great hike - we have a park here with long hike to the "Top of the World" but the trees are so thick there is no view AT ALL. Very anti-climactic.


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