Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainy Daybook

For Today...5.11.2010

Outside My Window...more chances of rain, which will be good for my spring plants that are greening up quite nicely.

I Am Thinking...about ways to develop a fun and inviting rhythm during the summer months without the routine of school time.

I Am Thankful For...several phone conversations in the last week that encouraged and rejuvenated me. I'm so grateful for faithful friends, near and far.

I Am Praying...for more patience and perseverance.

I Am Reading...daily readings from Small Steps for Catholic Moms that I just received for Mother's Day; The Handbook for Catholic Moms. These Catholic Moms/Authors are so inspiring!

I Am Creating...a curriculum shopping list for the upcoming Catholic homeschool conference later this month.

Around The House...children who seem to have become increasingly louder. Are there really just two of them?

From The Kitchen...no plans, unfortunately. I'm kind of in a slump in the kitchen right now. Hopefully my culinary mojo returns soon, for my family's sake.

In The Schoolroom...final pages of workbooks are in view and each lesson brings us closer to our last official day for the school year.

For The Rest Of The Week...our last Little Flowers meeting for Wreath I is tomorrow; weather permitting we'll get to have kickball/softball with our homeschool group on Friday

One Of My Favorite Things...three day weekends! I love that extra time with hubby, but why does the time go by so quickly?!

Picture Thought I Am Sharing...enjoying time with Grams.

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  1. Nice pic of the kids and Jan....I know what you mean about slumps in the kitchen, I hate that when that happens to me. It is kind of like we need these slumps to get rejuvenated though. Hope the weather clears up for your kick ball...that sounds like fun!

  2. great picture of your babes and their grandma. Those two books are on my wish list. they sound so good. alas my nightstand is so full already. I too love that the rain is greening up everything here.

  3. We are reading the same book! Our study group is on chapter 16 of the Handbook for Catholic Moms. Thank you for sharing!


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