Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Or otherwise titled, 'Why You Should Never Take Your 4 Year Old Son Bra Shopping With You'...

Because, he just might run around in and out and all around every bra/panty display in the whole section and then spot a certain larger size bra in a leopard print, pull it off the rack and declare:

"I'm a cheetah, I'm a cheetah"

While still running around of course.

You may not be able to contain your own laughter, while trying to maintain order and demand that your son put that away 'right now'.

And wondering how many people just saw him do that and are staring at you as you shamefully return to your bra shopping.

While steering clear of a certain leopard print item.


  1. Trying not to laugh out loud at work...but oh man that is soooooo funny!

  2. That is sooooo funny!! I brought my 7 year old GIRL with me for nursing bras and that was embarrassing enough!

    I'm not sure if I'd even repeat that story when he's older....might be a great joke between him and his wife? haha!

  3. Come on, you know you wanted that cheetah one!!

  4. Oh, boys! Don't you love them?! This is hilarious!!

  5. I am still cracking up. Love shopping with all the kids, makes for more interesting trips doesn't it. Cheri


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