Friday, August 7, 2009

Hi Lo: August 7th

Inspired by Colleen who shares her High's and Low's every week!


1) Feeling inspired for a bit of a bedroom re-do, the kids received a bedroom makeover over the weekend. Everything came together quite well and everyone was happy with the end result. I'll have to share more next week.

2) The kids and I enjoyed the last Story Hour at the library. I'm fine with that and so are they. It was a lot of fun every week, but we're ready for a little break before school starts up again.

3) I returned to my exercising this week, but only a couple of days were actually fit in. My new DVD was the kick-in-the-butt I needed. After slacking off the last few weeks, the workout was brutal. Now I've got to get into a better routine of it.

4) This week brought a much needed Mom's Night Out with a friend. It was our motivation meeting before we both start our second year of homeschooling. Enjoyable and relaxing. Reminded me why we need to do it more often!

5) I've been working on the coming school year's lesson plans all week and I'm almost finished. Hooray! I'm excited at all of the potential for the next year.


1) Lily still has not lost her second loose tooth that she has been working on for weeks. It seems like it should be any day now though.

2) After a bit of a longer cycle, I was beginning to feel hopeful...but then another cycle began again. That's okay, it was the first cycle with new meds. We'll keep working with the physicians and keep on the meds. and see what happens.

How was your week? What were your High's and Low's?


  1. So sorry about your cycle. It's so heartbreaking.

    Your workouts are so inspiring, you are amazing!

  2. Awesome lists - can't wait to see the bedroom pictures.

    Life is funny....I am always happy about having my period show up :) But I know you are not, so more prayers and patience are being sent your way!!

    Thanks for playing!


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