Thursday, August 27, 2009

Congratulations Jamie!

See pictures of Jamie's new baby girl over at Christine's blog. She is too precious and looks absolutely perfect. Thank you for your prayers, it sounds like Jamie and baby are both doing well.

You can congratulate Jamie over at her blog.

Congratulations Jamie on your new baby blessing!


  1. Hey girl! Long time no blog, huh?
    I am thrilled to be back!! I have to do a BUNCH of planning today, but I am thinking of making some blog rounds later on during the kids' tv time.
    When is your first day of school?? You know we use CHC also, right? What grades are you doing this year? Preschool and 1st? Are our daughters the same age??

  2. Just popping over from Faith and Family! I was stopping in to encourage you to participate in Small Successes (I saw your post on A Measure of Grace). I know that I was a Small Successes stalker for a while before I jumped in..but the community it great and sometimes it's a success just to be able to say "I SURVIVED THE WEEK!" Come join us!


You're so kind for dropping me a line!

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