Friday, August 28, 2009

Hi Lo: August 28th


1) I started painting my kitchen & dining room this week. I'm hoping to get it all finished up before school starts in a little over a week. I'm *loving* how it's turned out so far! I'll be posting photos when I'm all finished.

2) Jamie welcomed her sweet baby girl this week. I'm hoping that I can see her sometime soon. Congrats again, Jamie and hubby!

3) I heard wonderful news from a dear friend that she is expecting! She's just 7 weeks and has had a few issues of concern already, so please keep her in your prayers and for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

4) Stacey is out of retirement and back in Blogville! Welcome back Stacey! I always hold Stacey dear since she is the reason I started blogging. We were old acquaintances and a couple of years ago I came upon her blog and it was the first one I ever read. After a long time of following her, I started finding other encouraging blogs and eventually started my own. I'm seriously indebted to Stacey for all of the enlightenment and opening me up to the world of blogging!

5) My FAVORITE Christian recording artist released a new album, 'Come Alive'!(Yes, this really makes it in my Highs for the week. Is that pathetic??) Mark Schultz is my ultimate favorite artist and Reed's as well. His music has been an inspiration to me for many years, way back to his first album I bought when I was single! There are so many of his songs that touch my heart and have comforted me in some very tough days. We've been to several of his concerts and are excited to attend another one in November as part of his 'Come Alive' tour with Point of Grace. Can't wait!


1) It doesn't look like I'm going to finish my Mother's Rule of Life book before school starts. I was hoping to in an effort to have some better guidelines before putting together my daily schedule. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

2) I had some time this week to do some pondering and it brought up some very raw emotion with my infertility situation. And perhaps a not-so-startling revelation, but one that I probably just hadn't identified until the other day. There's a post in there somewhere, but I don't have it ready just yet.

How was your week? What were your Highs and Lows this week?

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  1. I never hear of Mark's music - but now I want to hear it!!

    Baby news all around! Except for you :( Can't wait to hear about your revelation - I'm still busy praying for little ones in your future.


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