Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick Observation

Ever wonder what's going on in your child's mind?

Well, while preparing for noon Mass today, this is what Miss Lily was thinking about:

(She whispers)

'Hey Mom, we're the only people here without glasses!'

And I *chuckle* as I look around because, well, while that's true we're also the YOUNGEST people there too.

Now I know where I can go to feel younger. With our daily Mass crowd, I'll always get a good ego boost. But then, that's probably not what I'm suppose to be thinking about while preparing for Mass.Hmm??


  1. Sarah, I'm much older than you (almost 40) and when I go, I'm also the youngest!!! All the older people swoon over and talk about the kiddos and how "good" they were....little do they know!!

    Yes! I am going to the Blogger's Tea, I went last year with Melissa and it was a blast! Are you going through my town? Where would you like to meet? email me

  2. This makes me laugh:)

    And for the record, I no longer feel like the youngest, I just feel like the one with the craziest kids.

    Can you tell that I'm still recovering from a major 3 year old tantrum that occured during Monday morning mass???


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