Monday, August 17, 2009

Kids' Bedroom Makeover

I was quite inspired by Jessica's post and pictures on re-decorating her girls' room the other week and figured it was time for a little bedroom re-do at our house.

It's a little different though, since I wanted to makeover Lily and Jonah's room and with it being co-ed I couldn't go girly or all out boy either. I presented the kids with the idea of a slight makeover and changing things up a bit, but not too much. They are much like their father and don't like to change things unless absolutely necessary, so I was met with a little resistance. That was okay. My budget couldn't afford a TON of changes, but I wanted to create more functionality and space for each of them to enjoy.

With all of the dorm room/college decor and accessories available right now in stores, it proved to be perfect timing! I started by changing up the comforters on each of their beds and went from there with the rest.

They each settled on wall appliques that suited their tastes and they are peel & stick, so nothing permanent. Perfect.

The white bookcase was already in the room, so I just purchased the other one to allow each child to have their age appropriate books on their shelf along with some that they each share. I was thrilled to find the bins that are on Jonah's shelf since they hold the paperback and Little Golden books so much easier than just having them on the shelf with the others.

Although a little bit of painting was part of the original plan, after the room was pulled together and I took a look I decided that we could fore go that. The green wall on the window side of the room that I was most concerned about seemed to match just fine. In the end I was glad I could skip another painting job, especially if it wasn't needed.

While taking on the makeover endeavor, I decided that a little re-organizing of toys and 'stuff' was also needed. Some of the toys that were overtaking our living room were brought into the kids' room (kitchen set and dishes, blocks, little cars,etc.) and either stored in bins under the bed or in the closet. We also put in a lower hanging rack for the kids' shirts so that they are more easily accessible for them. These changes allowed for our dear living room to be a little less cluttered and most toys that need to be in there are now in one corner or stashed in the toy box.

All in all, it all turned out great and we are loving the change. It also left us with a new look for the kids' room and the living room; a cleaner/more organized living space; no more shirts wrinkled and stuffed in the dresser drawers; and a clear reminder of how much I LOVE bins and baskets for organizing!


  1. LOVE IT! I'm such a nerd for organizing and decorating. CUTE!

    My husband is not going to appreciate the organizing/decorating bug I just caught:)

  2. It looks great!! Isn't it fun to redecorate and get all organized!!! =)

  3. has one of the largest selections of Kid Furniture on the web so check it out.

  4. Oops, I left a comment here yesterday and then google shut down and it was erased!!!

    It's so fun to see kids rooms!
    Great job!!

  5. Sorry Mommy Monkey...just don't tell hubby you got the idea from me. He might not like me too much when we meet IRL :)

    Jessica, I just love organizing and redecorating. Even on a budget. There's so much out there to find if you just take the time to look around.

    Now, I'm feeling like my kitchen/dining room need a little warming up....some paint perhaps??

  6. I when through some of your blog posts and in my opinion you have a flair to write. Keep it up, hope more will come !


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