Sunday, April 26, 2009

Timing Is Everything

In another chance for God to teach me that He indeed is in control and it's all about His timing and plan, He again came through loud and clear.

Around a month ago, Reed and I were once again re-evaluating where we are going on our infertility journey and what the next step (if there were one at all) we should take. This is always a struggle that involves a fair amount of conversation as we try to prayerfully decide whether to continue with whatever course of treatment we are currently in or to pursue other possibilities. It has not helped that although we've had the chance to work with a few very considerate and kind doctors (not to mention the few that we ditched as fast as we could!), we've struggled most of this time charting our own course alone. Most of the research and follow up we have done has been through advice given from family or friends and what we've ventured to find on our own. Our desires for truly Catholic and morally sound physicians have been largely unfulfilled.

Proving His timing, I randomly recalled last month a physician who I heard a number of accounts of back in my single days and who I knew was located somewhere at a clinic a good two hours away. God showed me His providence within the week as I was introduced to a new blogger who had found me (or did I find her? I can't even remember). In reading Mommy Monkey's blog a number of things struck me and led me to email her a few questions. From what I had read it sounded like she too had children, but that had her own struggles with infertility symptoms/diagnosis. Upon hearing back from her, I found that she did indeed have PCOS issues and that she had found a wonderful, Catholic physician, Dr. Mary. After putting many pieces of the puzzle together, I ventured to inquire if her Dr. Mary was indeed the Dr. Mary P. that I had heard of years ago. Come to find, Mommy Monkey was also a Minnesota Mom blogger and her Dr. Mary WAS the physician whose name had popped into my head the prior week.

From there, I was not only blessed with encouragement and support, but also with vast knowledge about this wonderful Christian/Catholic clinic that perhaps could help me out. I knew that even if I could get an appointment with a physician at this clinic and they gave me no new diagnosis or no new answers, I would be grateful to be in the presence of morally sound physicians. A breath of fresh air.

I was blessed enough to call the clinic last Monday and get an appointment for Thursday! It was a distance to drive a little over two hours, but I knew it would be worth it. Might I say, it was. The atmosphere as I entered the building filled me with peace and prayerfulness. Again, I realized that I wasn't here for a perfect diagnosis, but for support and possibilities for treatment and affirmations that we'd been doing the right thing all along as we walked alone. My feelings of peace were confirmed as I turned and saw each wall revealing very Catholic images (Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II to name a few). Oh how sweet it was!

For now, I don't have a new diagnosis, but a number of things revealed to the physician possible issues with ovulation and progesterone which could lead to problems in my NFP charting and therefore lead to inaccurate timing on our part. I'll be undergoing a bunch of lab work and an ultrasound yet before there's more conclusive answers, but the physician also gave me a list of other options that we may give a try before ultimately referring me to Pope Paul VI Institute for further treatment.

Timing is everything and in time we'll see where it leads us.

In seeing God's hand in all things, I shouldn't have been surprised when I read Friday's Psalm:

Wait for the Lord, take courage;
be stouthearted, wait for the Lord!

Psalm 27:14

We will continue to wait on the Lord and His answers and in time, all will be revealed! In the meantime, I'm thankful for the perfect timing of Mommy Monkey's appearance in my life. After all, a burden shared is definitely a burden halved. Thank you MM!


  1. Isn't our "blogworld" wonderful?

    So glad God lead you to find Amy and then where you are supposed to go. I sincerely pray for you and all your struggles, especially for answers.

    Beautiful post.

  2. PS I like the new picture of you, it's beautiful!

  3. I am thanking St. Therese for leading you to Amy, as I have been praying to her for you and Reed

  4. I will pray for you to find answers to be blessed with many more children. We need all the Christian warriors we can get!

    God bless you!

  5. God does provide, how amazing!! Maybe this fresh "breath" is exactly what you need on your journey.

    My mom could not get pregnant after having her first, and just when they were about to sign the adoption papers, she discovered she was pregnant!! It was like once she finally gave up trying, God took control :) She went on to have 6 children total - so here's hoping!!

  6. You have my prayers! How WONDERFUL to have found such a great doctor to help. :)

  7. hi- I am new to your site and I look forward to coming back! Just reading the first few posts I can see that we may have a lot in common. I have been blessed with a beautiful three year old daughter but have been dealing with infertility for awhile. My daughter was born with the help of fertility drugs and now we are working with a physician who works closely with the Pope Paul IV Institute so I am hopeful. I will def. keep you in my prayers!- Tara

  8. Not new!!! After I wrote that I thought wait a minute.... I know this blog! Sorry! Still praying!! :-)

  9. Thank you ladies for your kind words and the outpouring of prayers. Know that I return the prayers and think of you all often.

    Like I've mentioned before, I've been led to some very blessed women in blogworld and you've all blessed my journey.

    God's timing is amazing!!

    Tara- sending special prayers your way as you journey through infertility as's a difficult journey, but the bond of infertility sisterhood is pretty amazing. I'll be waiting for a good outcome/news from you too!!


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