Thursday, April 16, 2009

If Only It Were That Easy..

(After spending the day at my friend's home who has three children under the age of 3)

Little Girl: How old is (friend)?

Mommy: She's 31.

Little Girl: Oh. It must be because she's older than you that she has more children.

Mommy: Or it's because she's more fertile.

Little Girl: Okay...What does that mean?

Mommy: She maybe has an easier time getting pregnant and can have her kids closer together.

Little Girl: Maybe it's because she knows how to get pregnant by herself. Or maybe she just knows how to do it better than you do.

Mommy: Maybe it's because God wants me to be happy loving just Lily & Jonah right now. Sometimes we have to wait for God to answer our prayers in His time.

Little Girl: Why? I can't wait until I have a sister.

Mommy: And I can't wait to give you one.

Little Girl: Well, I want one today. or tomorrow. or maybe next week.

Mommy: So do I my dear. So do I.

Of course, this was a very serious conversation and it was important to Lily. Reed and I couldn't help but get a little chuckle out of this one last night at the dinner table. If things were always as simple as our children perceive them to be.....


  1. If only she knew what she was commenting about. She'll read this as a teen and blush.

  2. What a sweetheart. I have difficult conversations with Madeleine Sophie about my first husband... the innocence and sweetness in the questions is adorable, even though our hearts break with the painful emotions that they are completely unaware of just under the skin!

  3. I know you will conceive again, maybe you will have twins and God knows you need the space? We do not know or see Gods plan, but it's there, He's already there.

  4. What great answers you gave to her! My 6 year old still asks when we're gonna have another baby, and he's the oldest of 4 kids!! So don't feel too bad, it seems like a normal curiousity. I am still sending you (through prayer) my fertility hormones ;)

  5. Linda, I know. day. Like I said, Reed and I had a hard time keeping the chuckles in!

    Jamie, thanks for your confidence. I believe that we will again too and that's part of why we haven't moved into adoption just yet. I'm not quite there just yet...and twins!! You can't believe how often that's been mentioned...I would embrace a set with reckless abandon. And right now I've got two very good little helpers that would come in handy! :)
    Colleen, yes, keep those fertile hormonal prayers coming!! I will take them!!


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