Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebrating Easter

We were able to keep our Easter celebrating close to home and filled with family time. Lily helped me prepare Empty Tomb Rolls (thanks for the recipe, Jamie!)on Saturday evening and we popped those in the oven for breakfast before Mass on Easter Sunday morning. Can you say delicious? I think these will quickly become a family tradition to prepare for Easter in our home! They were so easy to make and simply tasty, that I'm thinking that we may need to make them again during the Easter season as we continue to celebrate!

During Lent, we kept a Good Deeds/Sacrifice jar at our house. What an effective tool! Trust me, we were giving out beans for some of the tiniest things, but our children understood the meaning behind the beans and they wanted to fill their jar as much as possible (and it takes A LOT of Great Northern Beans to fill even a small jar!). Ultimately, they did a great job throughout Lent and they were so excited to see their beans turn into this on Easter morning:

After Mass we spent most of the day at hubby's parents house, just down the driveway (I told you we stayed close to home)and even my parents and grandma were able to spend Easter with our family there. Lily and Jonah were able to do their own Easter egg hunt outside again this year too, prepared for them by their uncle.

It was a beautiful day (not so much weather-wise though) to spend with family as we all celebrated the resurrection of Christ and the beginning of our Easter season.


  1. I love how you tied Jesus and the Easter bunny together! It was so hard to explain to my three year old this Easter about what we were celebrating. Of course she knew there was a bunny involved! I will definitely use this for next year!


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