Monday, April 13, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Today was truly a most glorious spring day. It's mid-April, but we've had few days to remind us of what the calendar tells us. The winter was restless and L-O-N-G. I'm not sure what made this one particularly dreadful, but I am so glad we are on this side of it. We survived!!

We were back to school work and the usual Monday obligations after our Easter break, but we had to get outside too. I felt the urge to get some of the yard decor out from the storage shed and start beautifying the yard again. The lawn may not be green for some time yet, but a bench here and a wind chime there and suddenly it feels like we may just have kicked winter completely.

Of course, the true sign of spring at our house is when I am finally able to take out our trusty glider swing and put it back on the porch. I cannot even explain how good that felt as I sat there in the fresh air, hearing my children play in the yard, listen to the call of the Loons on the lake and read the latest issue of Faith & Family that arrived today. How picture perfect it was indeed.

And tonight I sit and breath in the fresh spring air indoors as well. I was able to open up the windows and let all of the new, crisp, spring air in and the old, dead, winter air out. If we did not have this change of seasons, I don't know that I could completely treasure a day like today. A perfect day to continue to celebrate the Easter season. How good it is!

Oh how the fresh air can refresh and renew the heart and soul. It brings the new life that I so desperately need after a long, difficult winter. A good and faithful God we have that He lavishes us with such wonderful gifts, even if they are something as simple as fresh, crisp air.

Tomorrow: Wash bed linens and winter coats (I'll be glad to put those bulky nuisances away!).

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  1. It sounds lovely... you are so good at putting your thoughts into beautiful words. :)

    How I wish I could sit on the glider swing with you and watch our babies play!!


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